Robert E. Lee and Ulysses s. Grant

Ulysses S. Grant
Robert E. Lee
Ulysses S. Grant is not his real name
President Grant’s real name was Hiram Ulysses Simpson Grant.
The E in Lee’s name Stands for Edward.
Grant graduated from West Point
Grant was one of only three presidents to graduate from a military academy. He graduated from West Point in 1843.
At 18, he enrolled at West Point Military Academy. He was one of just six cadets in his graduating class who finished without a single demerit.
As a general, Grant was close to President Lincoln. But when Johnson, a former Democrat, became president after Lincoln’s death, the two men eventually became opponents.
After the war, as a college President, Lee supported President Andrew Johnson’s program of Reconstruction and inter-sectional friendship.
The president wanted the Dominican Republic in the Union for several reasons: as a military base, as a sanctuary for freed slaves, and as a market for U.S. goods. The treaty was approved by the Dominicans, but stalled in the Senate.
Lee’s wife, Mary is the great granddaughter of Martha Washington, first lady.
Grant and his wife, Julia, are interred inside the tomb, but their crypt is above ground. It is the largest mausoleum in North America.
Lee was buried in Lexington Virginia.
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Grant was the youngest president elected at the time. The former general was 46 years old and never held elected office when he took office in 1869. His inexperience would be a factor in a tumultuous eight-year term in the midst of Reconstruction.
Lee became president of Washington college after the Civil war.
Both of Grant’s parents witnessed his presidency.
It may not seem like a big deal today, but Ulysses Grant was the first president to have both his parents living as he entered office.
Lee’s parents died before the Civil War
Grant couldn’t stand the sight of blood.
Although he witnessed some of the bloodiest battles in history, Grant could not stand the sight of blood.
Lee’s most famous horse was named Traveller.
Grant used around seven to ten cigars a day, although many of them he did not smoke, chewing on them instead.
Robert E Lee died of pneumonia.
Grant’s Last words were “I am ready now to go at any time. I know there is nothing but suffering for me while I live”.
Lee’s Last words were “Strike the Tent”.