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Road Traffic Noise

1 . R O A D T R A F F I C N O I S E S T R A T E G Y As our towns and cities continue to grow, so too does the volume of traffic travelling on our roads. While this traffic represents an essential part of society’s development and prosperity, it is also a growing source of concern for the community.

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This paper discusses many of the issues relating to the impact of road traffic noise on the community. Section 1 outlines the proposed Road Traffic Noise Strategy, its scope, development and how you can contribute. Section 2 contains information on the ffects, levels and sources of traffic noise, and outlines the current programs that contribute to reductions in road traffic noise in Victoria. 1. 1 Scope and Purpose of this Paper This background paper is the start of a process to develop an integrated Road Traffic Noise Strategy (the strategy) for Victoria. This background paper: · explains what a road traffic noise strategy is; · explains how the strategy will be developed, including how you can contribute to the process; · provides information about the effects, levels and sources of road traffic noise in Victoria Section 2); and · outlines current programs that address road traffic noise issues (Section 2). 1. 2 What is a Road Traffic Noise Strategy? A road traffic noise strategy is a plan for managing the noise from motor vehicles on the road network. The strategy will guide the activity of government, business and the community to achieve reductions in road traffic noise over time. Solutions to address road traffic noise are not often found in a single program but rely on combinations of programs. The strategy therefore needs a broad range of tools for reducing the impact of road traffic oise. An integrated traffic noise strategy will require administration from a number of organisations to implement the elements of the strategy over the short, medium and long term. The strategy will contain a range of tools such as: · a State environment protection policy (SEPP) for providing the policy framework and setting legal standards for noise levels from roads; · national processes for the development of regulations and programs to reduce noise from the motor vehicle; · programs for managing noise from roads by VicRoads and local government

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