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Rizal as a role-model for students

Rizal Submitted by: Jose Marcko Durano Submitted to: Sir Parawan Rizal, American sponsored Hero |Rizal was an American-sponsored hero | Rector’s Bill |Claro M. Recto Foundation | Why is Rizal the National hero? |Jose Rizal | Discovery in Binyan Jose Rizal |Jose Rizal | Blumentritt’s role in the propaganda war |Ferdinand Blumentritt | Rizal’s stinginess |Rizal’s stinginess |

Rizal as a role-model for students |Liability | What did Rizal read? |He grew up in a home with a large | |library. | ———————– He became the national hero only because of the Americans who sponsored and encouraged the Rizal cult.

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Andres Bonifacio made Rizal the honorary president of KKK. KKK First Asians to rebel against a Western colonial power and establish a republic. A traitor to the revolution. The greatest Malay who ever lived. Aguinaldo declared this day to be an annual “Day of National Mourning. ”

December 1898 The Rizal course is coded as PI 100; Putang Ina 100. Made the Rizal bill. Student’s feel it’s useless studying this. Students today don’t appreciate much studying Rizal’s life. He was one man who was willing to risk losing votes because of his principles. Catholics schools threatened to close shop if the Rizal bill passed. Recto’s bill passed the law on 1956. Hero of all heroes. Spirit of Revolution “My dreams have always guided my actions. ” He was a quiet, peaceful man who wilfully and calmly walked to his death former convictions. Unconscious hero. ” Jose Potracio Rizal Mercado Y Realonda – Alonzo Teodora Alonzo Realonda Francis Mercado June 19, 1861 Regina Ursua Manuel de Qunito Brigada de Quintos Lorenzo Alberto Alonzo Domingo Lamco Ines Dela Rosa Cirila Bernacha Francisco Mercado Good friend and correspondent of Rizal. He attacked anti-Filipino writers. First European scholars o specialized in Phils. Studies. He was walking around, peeking and salivating. He goes back to the apartment as if he had eaten already. His allowance was delayed. Pride and seriousness

Thrifty Rizal did not like the idea of supplying the drinks for the party. Going in to Rizal’s school, they would be left with no “free” time. Because we had to give up fun and games to read and study. Most students today doubt Rizal’s accomplishments. He saves his allowance to buy books. Honore de Balzac, Alexandre Dumas, and Count of Monte Cristo. He read a lot of French literature. Rizal owned a valuable collection of over 2,000 books. He owned dictionaries and three different versions of the bible. Rizal also owned a lot of picture books.

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