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CHAPTER 1 : ADVENT OF NATIONAL HERO JUNE 19, 1861 – the day when Jose Rizal was born JOSE RIZAL – The greatest hero of the Philippines – “many – splendored genius” – dowered by God superb “intellectual”, – “moral” and “physical qualities” – a man of many talents – a martyr and a patriot ? WORLD WHEN RIZAL WAS BORN 1861 PAX HISPANICA – reigned over the archipelago GOV. JOSE LEMERY – the governor general – a good militarist & established politico military over Visayas & Mindanao GARGANTUAN, CHINA – prustratedand impotent to stop over foreign devils OCTOBER 22, 1860 – Convention of Peking 1850-1864 – TAIPING REBELLION

IMPERIALIST WESTERN POWERS – victories over China and tried it on Japan 1854 – COMMODDORE MATTHEW C. PERRY ; he unlocked Japan ? A HERO IS BORN JUNE 19, 1861 – Rizal was born JUNE 22, 1861 – baptismal of Rizal FATHER RUFINO COLLANTES – baptized Rizal FATHER PEDRO CASANAS – Rizal’s godfather (ninong) MARIANO HERBOSA – nephew of Father Casanas and will marry Lucia JOSE PROTACIO RIZAL MERCADO Y ALONZO REALONDA – the complete name of Jose Rizal ? FRANCISCO MERCADO RIZAL * May 11, 1818 (birthdate) * He studied Latin and Philosophy in College of San Jose in Manila * His mother died, then he moved to Calamba to became a tenant farmer in a

Dominican estate * June 28, 1848 – he married Teodora Alonzo Realonda * January 5, 1898 ; he died at 80 in Manila ? TEODORA ALONZO REALONDA * November 8, 1826 (birthdate) * College of Santa Rosa * August 16, 1911 ; she died at 85 ? THE RIZAL CHILDREN SATURNINA NARCISA PACIANO OLIMPIA ? LUCIA JOSE MARIA CONCEPCION (died at 3) ? JOSEFA SOLEDAD (unmarried) TRINIDAD (unmarried) ? RIZAL’S ANCESTRY PATERNAL SIDE DOMINGO LAM – CO – great – great grandfather A Chinese immigrant from Chinchew “China’s City of Spring” He was married to INES DE LA ROSA 1731- He adopt the name MERCADO meaning MARKET

FRANCISCO MERCADO – Domingo Lam-Co’s son who married CIRILA BERNACNA JUAN MERCADO – Francisco’s son who married CIRILA ALEJANDRO FRANCISCO MERCADO (Rizal’s Father) – son of Juan Mercado ? RIZAL’S ANCESTRY MATERNAL SIDE LAKAN – DULA – descendant EUGENIO URSUA – great – great grandfather of Rizal He is married to BENIGNA and they have a daughter named REGINA REGINA – married to MANUEL DE QUINTOS and they have a daughter named BRIGIDA BRIGIDA – married to LORENZO ALBERTO and they have their sons and daughters named NARCISA,TEODORA, GREGORIO, JOSE and MANUEL RIZAL – “racial”; means “new pasture” and “green field”

PROOFS THAT RIZAL FAMILY BELONGS TO WELL TO DO FAMILY * They have a large stone house * They have a home library with 1000 volumes of books * First to sent their children in Manila * They own a carjuahe CHILDHOOD YEARS IN CALAMBA * A. Calamba, The Hero’s Town * Calamba: * It is belonged to dominican order which is the a picturesque town nestling on a verdant plain covered with irrigated ricefields and sugarlands. * Mount Makiling: * The south of Calamba in which beyond it is the province of Batangas. * Laguna De Bay: * It is the east of Calamba, it is the famous mountain shrine of the miraculous Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. Un Recuerdo A Mi Pueblo (In Memory Of My Town): * A poem wrote by Rizal when he was 15 years old and was a student of Ateneo De Manila.

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* B. Earliest Childhood Memories * At the age of three, Rizal was a frail, sickly and undersized, so he was given the tenderest care by his parents. During childhood memory, he was know how to pray the angelus. The imaginary tales by aya (nurse maid) makes Rizal enduring interest in legends and folklore. * C. Hero’s First Sorrow * The first sorrow of Rizal was brought by the death of his beloved little sister Concha.

Concha died of sickness in 1865, she was only 6 years old from there. Jose shed tears for the first time caused by love and grief to his sister. * D. Devoted Son Of The Church * Rizal grew up as a good Catholic. Ta the age of three, he began to take part in the family prayers. When he was five, he was able to read haltingly the Spanish family Bible. father Lorencio Lopez, the town Priest, is one of the men that Rizal esteemed. He used to visit this learned Filipino priest and listen to his stimulating opinion on current events and sound philosophy of life. * E.

The Pilgimage To Antipolo * On June 6, 1868, Jose and his father left Calamba to go on a pilgimage to Antipolo in order to fulfill his mother’s vow which was made when Jpse was born. After praying at the shrine of the virgin of Antipolo, they went to Manila to visit Saturnina, who was then a boarding student at La Concordia College in Sta. Ana. * F. The Story Of The Moth ————————————————- * The story told by Dona Teodora to ————————————————- Brief Summary of Chapter 1. ADVENT OF A NATIONAL HERO

Jose Rizal   born on June 19, 1861. It was Franciso Mercado Rizal was born on May 11, 1818 in Binan Laguna. He was a graduate of the College of San Jose Manila, studying Latin and Philosophy. Francisco moved to Calamba to become a tenant-farmer of a hacienda owned by the Dominicans. He dided at the age of 80 on January 5, 1898 in Manila. About his father, Jose Rizal says that he is a “model of fathers”. Teodora Alonso Realonda was born on November 8, 1926 in Manila. She was a graduate the College of Santa Rosa. She died at age of 85 on August 16, 1911 in Manila.

About his mother, Jose Rizal says “ My mother is a woman of more than ordinaryt culture; she knows literature and speaks Spanish better than I. She corrected my poems and gave me gppd advice when i was studying rhetoric. She is a mathematician and has read many books. Rizal is the sevent of eleven children: Saturnina, Paciano, Narcisa, Olimpia, Lucia, Maria, Jose, Concepcion, Josefa, Trinidad and Soledad. Rizal’s family was a mixture of races. They were a combination of Negrito, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese. And Spanish, though Jose was predominantly Malayan. The surname Mercado was the original surname of the Rizal family.

Domingo Lamco, Jose’s great-great grandfather, adopted the name Rizal in 1731 and it became a second surname of the family. In Jose’s letter to Ferdinand Blumentritt, he says: “ i am the only Rizal in because at home mty parents, my sisters my brother, and my relatives have always preferred our old surname Mercado. Our family name was in fact Mercado, but there were many Mercados in the Philippines who are not related to us. It is said that an alcalde mayor, who was a friend of our family added Rizal to our name. My family did not pay much attention to this, but now i have to use it. In this way, it seems that i am an illegitimate son . ”

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