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Rise of Global economy

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The BBS was thus a Joint management of new economic and political order. Countries under the BBS embraced Capitalist ideologies and systems.

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Rise of Global economy

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. To sum up, the BBS catalysts economic integration and led to the rise of Macs, which is another factor. NC The Macs set up different manufacturing bases In different countries. The Macs were Important In spreading economic links of globalization and helped the US to expand its global reach to more countries, hence increasing US strength and influence.

The Macs created globally-integrated enterprises and brought skills and technology, Fids and expertise to the rest of the world. It thus helped to industrialized economies and helped the world to progress together. USA role Dominant global power in political, economic, ideological aspects. Politically, it asserted political presence and dominated International organizations Like ON, MIFF and the World Bank to enforce a Capitalist system which eventually helped the world o progress economically as a whole.

Economically, since USA was the least affected country by WWW, it was able to provide aid through monetary policies like the Dodge Plan to help Japan. The Aqua's stable currency also provided a peg to stabilize other currencies. Regionalism Europe wanted to create unified regional bloc to act as a counter-balance to Aqua's dominance. It also allowed for greater specialization and expansion of markets. European coal and steel community 1950 France and Germany, later on the rest of he European countries, except Britain.

Common Market Treaty 1958 called for reduction of tariffs and barriers Mixed Economies Combination of Capitalist free market systems and socialist communist systems Combined efficiency and enterprise of private sector and foresight and resources of government

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