"Rip Van Winkle Questions"

Where is the story of Rip Van Winkle taken from?
Papers of late Diedrich Knickerbocker
Who is Diedrich Knickerbocker?
An old gentleman of New York who conducted historical research of the Dutch settlers.
What is said about Knickerbocker in Irvings biography?
he was invented
What is the setting of the story?
Kaatskill Mountains by the Hudson River
What words are used to describe the setting?
blue, purple, gold, glow, light, crown on glory, barometers, fair weather
What effect do these words have?
magical, fairy-like, mysterious, majestic
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What is Rip like?
simple, good natured, obedient, henpecked, meekness of spirit
What is Dam Van Winkle (Rip’s wife) like?
shrew, termagant (abusive, scolding), nagging
How did the other women in town view Rip?
They liked him and felt bad for him; believing his wife was truly to blame
How did the children of the town feel about Rip? How can you tell?
They liked him; they played with him, he told them stories, he was like a father figure
What kind of work ethic did Rip have?
He didn’t have one, he avoided work, liked to go fishing and hunting instead.
What does Rip’s farm look like?
Run down, Dilapidated; fences falling down, cows escaping, weeds and overgrowth, patch of crops, worst farm in the village
What did Rip like to do rather than fulfill his responsibilities?
Help everyone else, go fishing and hunting with his dog
Describe the Van Winkle’s children.
Ragged, sloppy, wild, like orphans, neglected. His son inherits his clothes and his habits.
Describe Dam Van Winkle and her treatment of Rip.
Constantly nagging him about his lack of work all the time. Rip’s response would be to shrug his shoulders, shake his head and leave saying nothing
Is the question asked on pg 156 …. “but what courage can withstand the ever-during and all-besettig terrors of a woman’s tongue?” a fair question? How does this portray women?
No, it is unfair because it doesn’t take into account Rip’s irresponsibility. It portrays women as nagging and unreasonable.
Where and with whom did Rip hang out?
At a small Inn with other men from town (Derrick Van Bummel-school master/Nichoulaus Vedder -landlord).. They sat in front of the Inn underneath a painting of George III
How are the mountains described?
Purple, glassy, blue, Lordly, majestic
What was Rip dreading? Why?
Returning home to his wife,: she will scold him for not working.
What did Rip hear?
He heard a voice call his name
Who did Rip help? What did he help him with?
A short old fellow in antique clothing. He helped him carry a keg that he had on his shoulder.
What did Rip hear?
Rolling peals of thunder
What game was being played?
What was Rip’s job after he helped the man carry the keg?
To serve the liquor that was contained in the keg.
What did Rip do when no one was looking? What were the consequences?
Drink the liquor. He drank too much and passed out / fell asleep. .
What does Rip find when he wakes up?
An old rusted gun, Wolf is gone, stiff in the joints.
Describe his surroundings in the mountains.
There is a stream that had not been one before; overgrowth all around him, the amphitheater is gone
Describe how he saw the village after he woke up.
Didn’t recognize the houses, any of the pepole or their dress (clothing style). Rip has a beard. The village has more people; old hangouts were gone.
What is Rip’s house like now (after he awoke)?
Dilapidated (run down), roofs falling in, windows are shattered, doors off hinges, Wolf-half starved, snarled at Rip
What was the Inn like (after he awoke)?
Large rickety wooden building called the Union Hotel, has a tall pole with a stars and striped flag hanging from it. Sign of George Washington
Who is present outside the Inn? What are they discussing?
Man passing out handbills talking about citizen’s rights, liberty, congress, voting, busy and busting atmosphere.
What question is Rip asked? What was his response?
On which side he voted? Whether he was a federal or a democrat? He is loyal subject to the King.
How do the people react to Rip?
They thought he was a spy.
What happened to Rip’s friends?
** Nicholas Vedder-dead
** Brom Dutcher killed in the war
**Van Bummel fought in the war, is now in Congress
What question does Rip ask?What is the response of the people gathered outside the Inn?
Does nobody here know Rip Van Winkle? he’s learning against the tree (his son).
How much time has passed?
20 years
What happened to Rip’s wife? What is his response to the news?
She broke a blood vessel yelling at the New England peddler. He is relieved and comforted by the news.
Who is in the crowd that Rip finds familiar?
Judith Gardinier, Rip’s daghter
How is Rip’s story finally believed?
Peter Vanderdonk oldest inhabitant of the village recognized him
What is Rip’s son like?
He is just like his father. Lazy and does not take care of his own responsibilities.
What was Rip’s new life like?
Great. He is free from work, his wife and King George III.
What historically happened while Rip was asleep?
The Revolutionary war.
WHO wrote Rip Van Winkle?
Washington Irving
WHEN was Rip Van Winkle WRITTEN?
In the early 1800s
What else did Washington Irving write?
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
When does the story take place?
During the years right before and right after the American Revolutionary War
WHERE does the story take place?
In America, in the CATSKILL MOUNTAINS New York
WHO is Rip Van Winkle?
He is a farmer who lives in a village in the American colonies, of Dutch descent, with a wife and children
What are Rip Van Winkle’s qualities?
He is kind, gentle and a good neighbor, but he is LAZY
Rip Van Winkle’s wife
What is the RELATIONSHIP between Rip Van Winkle and his wife like?
He is henpecked (nagged) by his wife — she is always asking him to do work and he is always avoiding work and trying to get away from her.
Where do the men in the village meet to tell stories, talk and gossip?
On a bench outside of a small inn within the village
Who is Rip Van Winkle’s constant companion?
His dog, Wolf
Where does Rip Van Winkle one day go to escape his wife’s nagging?
He takes his dog to go squirrel hunting at a place high up in the Mountains
What does he Rip Van Winkle hear late in the day when he has finished hunting?
He hears someone calling his name
Who calls Rip Van Winkle’s name and then takes him for a walk climbing higher on the mountain?
A short man with bushy hair and a beard
Where does the short man with bushy hair bring Rip Van Winkle?
To a clearing in the woods where a bund of strange looking men are playing NINE PINS (bowling) , making sounds like thunder
What does the short man with bushy hair serve to Rip Van Winkle?
A drink from a keg that tastes delicious
What happens to Rip Van Winkle after he drinks the beverage that the short man with bushy hair serves him?
He gets drunk and passes out, falling asleep
What does Rip Van Winkle notice when he first wakes up from his nap?
He finds that his gun is missing and his dog is gone
What does Rip Van Winkle look like after he wakes up from his nap (of one night)?
He has aged a lot and has a very long beard
Where does Rip Van Winkle go after he wakes up from his nap in the mountains?
He goes back to the village
When Rip Van Winkle returns to the village after his nap, what does he notice about the village?
The village has changed and he doesn’t recognize anybody there. They are dressed in a strange way too
What does Rip Van Winkle find when he goes to his house after he wakes up from his nap?
His house is in falling down and abandoned (nobody is living there)
What happened to the Inn after Rip Van Winkle wakes up from his nap and returns to the village?
The Inn has disappeared and now there is a new hotel there
What is the picture of King George III replaced with at the new hotel?
A picture of George Washington
What does the picture of George Washington signify?
That the American Colonies are no longer under British rule. They are now the United States because the Revolutionary War has taken place.
What happens when Rip Van Winkle tells a crowd in the village that he is loyal to King George?
The crowd calls him a traitor and a Tory
Rip Van Winkle sees a woman with a baby who looks familiar in the village after he returns from his nap. Who is she?
His grown daughter
What does Rip Van Winkle find out about his wife after he returns to the village
His wife is dead
How many years has Rip Van Winkle really been gone from the village
20 years
Where does Rip Van Winkle go at the end of the story?
He goes to live with his daughter, who is married to a cheerful farmer
Who is Diedrich Knickerbocker?
An old gentleman from New York who was especially interested in the histories, customs, and culture of the Dutch settlers in New York.
What is found in Diedrich Knickerbocker’s papers after he dies?
The story of Rip Van Winkle