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Riordan Manufacturing Strategic Plan Development

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The attributed discussed center upon the importance of a Quality Management Program, long-term relationships, innovative employees and sustaining future growth. By instituting "rigorous quality controls, and providing innovative solutions to customers with a responsive attitude, reasonable pricing" (The Apollo Group, Inc. 2004) can be maintained. Total Quality Management is a strategic level objective for Ordain The Six Sigma, leading edge R&D and exceeding ISO 9000 standards are what define the attitude and capability of Ordain Manufacturing.

Six Sigma is a "quality improvement program used for Identifying and eliminating defects, waste and quality control problems In manufacturing". The goal of six sigma Is hand-in-hand with that of Radian's, to achieve the highest levels of quality. "A sigma is a statistical term for the standard deviation of a set of data, so six sigma refers to six standard deviations", with the "basic premise behind Six Sigma is that of a company can measure the amount of defects in a process, the company can systematically determine how to eliminate them, getting as close to zero defects, or perfection, as possible" (Beginners Gulled Staff, 2005).

The principal of Six Sigma also involves every aspect of the organization, in order to be better able to meet and rise above the evolving demands of customers, marketing, and technology in a way that will benefit customers, shareholders and employees. Six Sigma is about making every area of the organization better able to meet the changing needs of customers, markets, and technologies In a way that benefits employees, customers, and shareholders.

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Research and Development (R) at Ordain is of major focus, and will remain so in order to maintain being a leader in identifying industry trends. Ordain strives to be solution provider for our customers and not be a part of our customer's challenges. This is the motivation for concentrated efforts In R&D. Again reiterating the goals of the Nilsson statement: "Long-term relations are built and sought by maintaining business attitude" (The Apollo Group Inc. , 2004). ISO 9000 is another focus of Ordain.

ISO 9000 "specifies requirements for a Quality Management System overseeing the production of a product or service ISO is not a standard for ensuring a product or service is of quality; rather, it attests to the process of production, and how it will be managed and reviewed" (inflatable. Mom/ businesses-go, 2005). The Mission Statement also addresses the importance of employees, and how they are regarded, how the focus is on maintaining an innovative and team oriented working environment. This is done to assure that employees are always well informed of policies and practices and that are properly supported.

Ordain tries to provide an environment that is constantly focused on the long-term viability of the company. With Radian's future focus being on "achieving and maintaining reasonable profitability to assure that the financial and human capital is available for sustained Roth" (Apollo Group Inc, 2004), this is a clear indication that it is a strategic level objective. Identify what impact globalization may have on the organization's total quality management position. As with any organization, globalization has an impact upon Ordain.

At Ordain Manufacturing, with plants located in With facilities in San Jose, California, Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan and Hangout, China, quality management is a constant focus. With globalization there are barriers to overcome, those being primarily communication and ideals. Quality production requires a careful at tentative eye room production workers, at all levels, as well as a system of checks and balances with quality assurance auditors. How does globalization increase the complexity of total quality management for this organization?

The increased complexity of total quality management for Ordain lies within the area of supervision. Employees are held accountable for their production quality, although there are auditors. The Quality Assurance Auditors perform a limited surveillance with an objective to provide thorough, comprehensive and effective evaluations of Quality Programs, both domestic and international. The intricacy involves becoming aware of employees cultures and ideals, and learning how to utilize these to motivate the different personnel to work to their potential.

Globalization involves, simply put, bringing together people of a diverse background to work towards the same goal. Quality Management requires these diverse quality the importance of them, and how to accomplish producing quality products and or services. Conducting educational programs and ISO 9000 certification programs assist Ordain management team in Total Quality Management. Management teams work with employees in educational upgrading programs for their workforce.

These educational programs will reinforce the TTS management practices throughout Ordain, in order to ensure the organization consistently meets or exceeds customer requirements. A complex issue that can exist in poor countries "differ from rich in their pursuit of knowledge by having fewer public institutions to safeguard the quality and truth of the information people need to lead healthy, more affluent lives. Often there is no capacity to certify the quality of goods or services, enforce standards and performance, and gather and disseminate key information needed for business orientations" (Wavebands, 1998 ).

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