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Richman Investments- Acceptable Use Policy

Richman Investments- Acceptable Use Policy Richman Investments is the name for its installation of the Richman Investments software from Jive Software creating a virtual (type of company) community. It is a Web-based virtual community where members collaborate on documents, share insight and best practices and exchange ideas. Registered Users of Richman Investments are encouraged to be open and informal in their use of Richman Investments – one of the benefits of the system is that it attempts to facilitate the kind of candour and informal discussion that traditionally one only finds at in-person meetings.

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It is generally presumed that Users will conduct themselves in a professional manner; nevertheless, as membership and participation grow, it is important to outline a formal guide for conduct for this new powerful communication tool. Participation in Richman Investments is contingent upon acceptance of this Acceptable Use Policy. This Policy outlines the terms and conditions for use of the Richman Investments Areas covered include who is authorized to use Richman Investments rules for online behaviour, and guidelines for the handling of secure and copyright-protected materials.

Richman Investments reserves the right to block or limit access to content deemed to be harmful, offensive, or otherwise in violation of this Acceptable Use Policy. Furthermore, Richman Investments reserves the right to monitor and to disclose any information as deemed necessary to satisfy any law, to operate its services properly, or to protect itself or its Registered Users. Authorized Use The network is provided by Richman Investments for the benefit of Registered Users in accordance with duties as an employee of Richman Investments. Richman Investments may also extend a User ID to individuals with whom it has special working relationship, such as a consultant. User IDs are not transferrable. They are intended for the exclusive use of the individual to whom they are provided. Additional User IDs are available, upon request, from Richman Investments. The provision of User IDs to individual users is at the discretion of the Richman Investments, on the advice of the Sponsoring Organization. A User ID may be disabled due to a change in employment or committee membership status, upon the request of the Sponsoring Organization or for violation of the Acceptable Terms of Use.

Confidentiality Information shared and stored within Richman Investments it is considered to be an extension of the work conducted within the normal day-to-day workings of Richman Investments and Council International. It is subject to the same requirements for confidentiality as association work conducted through email, conference calls or in-person meetings. Copyright Registered Users of Richman Investments agree to abide by all applicable laws on the use of copy written materials.

Accordingly, attention should be paid to not post Copyright Protected Material — material for which an organization has not consented to its widespread distribution in channels other than its own. This includes, but is not limited to, the posting of entire media articles, or proprietary research. Items intended for redistribution, such as press releases or promotional materials, may be posted. It also is perfectly acceptable to quote portions of protected material, paraphrase the material and Hyperlink to the material in its original external location.

Professional Conduct It is generally presumed that Users will conduct themselves in a professional manner; nevertheless, the following actions constitute unacceptable use of Richman Investments: * Violating any law of, or committing conduct that is tortuous or unlawful in, any applicable jurisdiction. * Displaying, performing, sending, receiving or storing any content that is obscene, pornographic, lewd, lascivious, or excessively violent, regardless of whether the material or its dissemination is unlawful. Advocating or encouraging violence against any government, organization, group, individual or property, or providing instruction, information, or assistance in causing or carrying out such violence. * Actively seeking to obtain unauthorized access to any part of Richman Investments network, service, or account or using Richman Investments to obtain unauthorized access to any network, service or account. * Interfering with service to any other Registered User, by use of any program, script, command, or otherwise. Introducing or activating any viruses, worms, harmful code and/or Trojan horses within Richman Investments     * Holding Richman Investments, its affiliates, officers, employees up to public scorn or ridicule. * Gambling Definitions (Type of company) Link Community: All content and Registered User information contained within the User ID controlled areas of Richman Investments. Community or Sub-Community: The spaces within which content is organized, usually by subject area (Communities also contain Sub-Communities).

Copyright Protected Material: Material protected by applicable copyright laws, and for which an organization has not consented to its widespread distribution through external channels. Hyperlink: Provide a hyperlink to a page or item located elsewhere within Richman Investments on an external Web site. Permissions: The access rights provided to Registered Users to access particular Communities and Sub-Communities Restricted Community or Sub-Community: A Community of Sub-Community for which access is restricted to a pre-defined group of Registered Users.

Registered User (Active User, User): An individual with an “Active” User ID for Richman Investments (User IDs are not deleted from the system. They are either “Active,” meaning they provide access, or “Disabled”). User: Presumed to be an Active User unless specifically referred to as a “Disabled User” User ID: A username and password for Richman Investments (User IDs are not deleted from the system. It is either “Active,” meaning it allows access, or “Disabled”)