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Richard Branson: To Be Successful, Take the Stairs

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Although Richard Branson admits to being a big fan of the , he thinks it’s also important to take the stairs -- literally.


The outgoing Virgin founder believes that taking the stairs whenever you can is a great way to exercise, especially if you’re busy working all day. In a recent , Branson not only addresses the importance of physically taking the stairs, but finds that an “entrepreneur is essentially taking the stairs every day of their career.”

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As most of us know -- takes time. Branson calls it a “gradual climb,” with “inevitable failures and along the way.” Very few entrepreneurs can take the elevator to instant success, he writes.


Take the slower route. You’ll be able to learn from your experience and better prepare yourself for a future of success, Branson advises. “Rather than getting to the top without the experience, you will have years of experience, , learnings -- climbing stairs -- to fall back on.”

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