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Resume Dec

Following hospital/unit specific policies and procedures.Providing privacy while performing all procedures and treatments.Providing patient/ family education prior to performing procedures and treatments.

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Attempting procedure or treatment no more than twice before soliciting advise e from a more experienced care provider. Documenting according to hospital/unit policies. Maintaining patient/family safety. Following hospital/unit specific policies and procedures related to patient/ family safety and confidentiality. Providing orientation of unit and surroundings to patient/family. Maintaining patient/family confidentiality.

Knowledgeable about use of equipment/supplies. Documenting appropriate safety measures per unit. Page TWO Demonstrating positive and courteous manner in dealing with patients, physic scans and coworkers. Handling patients and employee information with appropriate sensitivity and safeguarding to ensure confidentiality. Exhibiting flexibility when work assignments need to be adjusted to meet the needs of our patients. Present a professional appearance and approach with patients and staff. Performing Medical Assistant tasks, including but not limited to, vital signs an Keg’s- Preparing patients for physician and practitioner exams.

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