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Research Proposal

Ever since the turn of the second half of the 20th century, no other issue has been subject to spates of debates in the international field like the adoption of  Schengen Aquis by states.

This is because, serious consequences are bound to occur as a result of adopting the policies, since the policy entails in essence, the ceding away of the control of the border. This paper therefore seeks to draw out the merits and the demerits of assimilation of these policies by countries such as the UK, Switzerland and Ireland.

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This is done with a long term goal of opposing the prospects of Switzerland adopting these policies by showing clearly how the demerits far outweigh the merits of subscribing to the  Schengen Aquis policy. This comes only after there has been an empirical and objective comparison of the gains and the losses that are likely to be experienced by these countries.


Schengen  Agreement refers to two agreements that were concluded between European States  between the periods 1985 and 1990 to usher in  the abolition of  punctilious systems control of the border between or amongst countries that interrelate. This can be traced back to the time when the the Amsterdam Treaty was passed and subsequently effected into the European Union law, partly known as Schengen Aquis.

So far, twenty nine (29) states have already subscribed to the Schengen Aquis policy, with twenty five of these countries being members of the European Union (EU), while the other four non EU members are Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein. All these countries have fully subscribed fully to the  Schengen Aquis.

However, in 1990, one of these countries did not append its signatures to the  Schengen Aquis, and therefore, there is no country that has yet ceded control over the border through  Schengen Aquis in a de jure sense.

The instruments that facilitate  the observation of Schengen Aquis are enforced through the issuance of the  Schengen Aquis passports which enables the visitors to  access these countries. At the same time, there is the issuance of the residence permits to the citizens that allow the same to travel and stay freely into the interior of these twenty nine countries for three months.

Research problem.

The problem with the implementation of the Schengen Aquis is that not all states (including the twenty nine that are already subscribers) are comfortable with the terms and conditions that are spelled out in the  Schengen Aquis. At the same time, the implementation of  Schengen Aquis is in itself likely to raise serious problems that touch on transborder issues, matters such as international terrorism, and evils that come with globalization such as black market, pornography, patenting laws, and illegal immigrants.

Ethics statements

Most of the sources that are used to arrive at facts and conclusions in this paper are from sources that have copyright laws. To deal with this, the researcher considered the initial part of the research as ensuring that the sources that are used are acknowledged and at the same time, that their use are authorized by the owners. To this effect, all the quotations have been acknowledged to ward off any cases of plagiarism.

Purpose statements.

The purpose of this research study is to identify the setbacks that stand in the way of realizing the full ratification of the Schengen Aquis. This is done by looking at the consequences that Switzerland is exposed to, as a result of having adopted the Schengen Aquis, for a case study. The research may at times bolster the essence and the cause of research by referring to the consequences that relate to United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland.


This paper can be considered instrumental due to the fact that it seeks to spell out the pros and cons of adopting the Schengen Aquis policies, by looking at Switzerland- not as an end in itself but with a long term aim of making it possible for comprehensive solutions to be set in place, so as to streamline the  modalities and the frameworks of the  Schengen Aquis. This is because, the practice of  Schengen Aquis are so important since they are instrumental in promoting international trade, and globalization