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Research Paper Submission Guidelines

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Dr. Sibley’s English 1302 Research Paper Submission Guidelines RESEARCH PAPER: * The research paper must be 1500-2000 words in length (excluding the Works Cited page), and must be typed according to MLA format guidelines for style and documentation. Type Word Count on last page of paper (before the Works Cited page). * A minimum of 1 primary (literary) source and 3 secondary sources must be used in the actual writing of the paper. * The paper must conform to one of the three options provided by the prompt, and be written about approved literary works. The paper must be organized in alternating pattern (by criteria and not by literary work). * Have a descriptive title WHAT TO SUBMIT: Submit the following documents in a folder with your name and section# legibly printed on it. 1. A clean copy of final paper and works cited page. 2. Complete photocopies of any short stories not in the anthology OR a page with links to electronic copies. PLEASE NOTE: Research Projects are due at the beginning of class on the date found in your revised tentative course calendar.

Your paper must be attached to an email sent to me by 11:59pm the evening of day the hard copy of the paper is due. Remember that if you do not do this—I cannot assign any credit to your paper, even if you turned in the hard copy. LATE PENALTIES: 5% Hard copy turned in on due date, but later than 5 minutes after the beginning of class. 10% per calendar day, up until 3 days after the due date, after which I will no longer accept papers, and no credit will be assigned. Dr. Sibley’s English 1302 Research Paper Evaluation Rubric

Student Name & Section # _________________________________________________ Paper Grade (20% of Course Grade): ________ NOTE WELL: To receive a minimum grade of “C,” the responses to all of the following criteria must be “Yes. ” ____________________________________________________________________________ FORMAT * MLA Format (double-spaced, 1” margins, etc. ) Yes / No * Works Cited Page provided Yes / No * Works Cited Page conforms to MLA guidelines Yes / No * Internal Citations in correct form Yes / No Sources properly introduced before initial use of them Yes / No * Direct quotations integrated properly into paper Yes / No * 1500 word minimum Yes / No STYLE * Paper is written from a 3rd person, objective point of view. Yes / No * Paper is written in literary present tense. Yes / No * Paper is free from numerous, distracting small errors. Yes / No * Diction and tone are appropriate for an academic paper. Yes / No * The reader is not hampered by confusing or awkwardly constructed sentences. Yes / No * There are no serious grammatical errors.

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Research Paper Submission Guidelines

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Yes / No CONTENT * Paper has an arguable thesis related to literary elements of short stories, and develops an argument which adequately supports it. Yes / No * Paper exhibits competent knowledge of its primary sources. Yes / No * Paper exhibits correct use of literary vocabulary and conventions. Yes / No * Paper makes use of at least 3 secondary sources. Yes / No * Paper is well organized in alternating pattern. Yes / No * Paper comes to a logical conclusion which is clearly related to the thesis. Yes/ No

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