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Research For Financial Analysis Of Citigroup Company

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Financial analysis refers to the examining of financial statements or financial reports. Financial statements are formal records kept in the business to track down the income and expenditure activities.

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Research For Financial Analysis Of Citigroup Company

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. It is known for its excellence in the sales sector and as we look at this company its imperative that its success has been due to the organization of the companies’ financial statements.

In the balance sheet the current liabilities are decreasing while the total assets are increasing, In the [profit and Loss account the profit has increased from 1,965 to 1,330 while in the cashflow statement Total net cashflows has increased including financing activities and cash and cash investments. Reference: Citibank, Retrieved on 2008-05-05, Financial Journal. Douglas, P. (1972) Occupied Haitti, New York Huertas, T. (1985) Citibank, Boston: Harvard University Press. Wriston, W

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