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Research Essay Argumentative Essay About Palestine and Israel

Researched Argument Essay — Written Assignment 6 Due: Sunday, December 2, 5:00 p. m. ineLearndropbox ***NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT A WRITTEN EXCUSE*** For your next written assignment, I’m going to ask you to write aargument paper, using outside sources, on a topic of your choice.

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I encourage you to write about the same topic you chose for Written Assignment 5. Your textbook discusses argument in detail in Chapter Ten. General Instructions: 1. You should construct an argument that develops and supports an argumentative thesis; 2.

Your thesis should 1. state your subject, 2. state your position or your central claim, and 3. name your three reasons; 3. Your essay should have FIVE (5) paragraphs – an introduction with your argumentative thesis, three body paragraphs (one for each reason), and a conclusion; 4. You should use and incorporate at least five (5)outside sources in your essay, and at least one source should not be an internet-only source (e. g. , website) and one source should be a book-length work; 5.

You should document your sources within the text and also in a Reference Page according to APA (American Psychological Association) specifications; 5. Establish a clear thesis statement or main idea in your opening; 6. Develop your thesis/main idea by creating a logical organization of ideas, by using well-structured paragraphs and specific and relevant details,and by crafting clear sentences; 7. Use a consistent and appropriate point of view; and 8. Follow standard practices in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.