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Service organization and with reference to published case studies and any other relevant articles (such as from magazines, newspapers, and industrial reports), critically analyse the failures of service performance that were committed. Using the service quality gap model, identify the possible reason or reasons leading to such failures and give recommendations on how these failures can be minimised. You are also require to evaluate the usefulness of the service quality gap model as a tool in helping managers to effectively deliver value to their customers in comparison with other frameworks learnt in class.

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Question 2: Value Chain Process Select ONE (1) company from the manufacturing industry andusing the value chain analysis, critically analyse the salient aactivity or activities that help the chosen companies to achieve competitive advantage in creating and delivering customer value. Then analyse how the aactivity or activities that are responsible in providing the companies with competitive advantage in creating and delivering customer value can affect and are dependent on other activities within the value chain.

Support your answer with reference to case studies, articles and information of the chosen companies’ operation and strategic practice. Your answer should also be supported by diagrams of value chain that can effectively illustrate the specific activities of the chosen companies. Avoid using a generic value chain diagram. requirement The assignment must adhere to standard academic documentation standards. (Failure to do so will result in loss of marks in the Format, Citations and References criterion. ) * You are to write the citations and references following the Harvard System. You are required to use Times New Roman as the font type and 12 pts as the font size. * Vertical/line spacing should be 1. 5line spacing