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Republica Himalayan Science Fair

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REPUBLICA KATHMANDU, Jan 11: Himalayan Club de Scientia, an independent science club of Himalayan White House International College in New Baneshwor is organizing Himalayan Science Fair 2011. The event is taking place on January 28 and 29 from 10 am to 4:30 pm inside the college premise. Mukul Dhakal, Program Coordinator of the science exhibition and a grade 12 science student, shared, “We are organizing this nationwide science exhibition so that the students can get a platform where they will get to expose their talents.

This way students who have learned science theoretically, will also get to experience it practically. ” Dhakal further informed that the program is entirely a student program and is the first of its kind nationwide inter-college science exhibition where students from +2 or equivalent can participate and show their talents. The program also includes seminars, cultural programs, food festival, education fair and gaming competitions. Students participating from outside the Kathmandu valley will be provided room and board from January 27 to January 30.

Sarin Raj Pokharel, Finance Director of the HICSCI club and a grade 12 science student, said, “Our club used to organize many events in which only the students from our college could participate. So for the first time we are independently organizing a nationwide mega event where everyone can participate and get an exposure to the practical aspects of science. ” “The main reason behind organizing this event is to find and promote junior scientists. Since the demand of science and technology seems to be growing, we thought it is good to start from the college level itself in order to foster young talents,” he said.

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Republica Himalayan Science Fair

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He further informed that after successfully organizing the 1st valley-wide inter-college science exhibition in 2009 where 28 colleges had participated, this year HICSCI stepped forward to organize the 1st nationwide science exhibition. “We expect 30 teams from within the valley and 20 from outside. The event is being judged by science professors from Tribhuvan University. The first prize is Rs 25,000, second Rs 15,000 and third Rs 10,000,” informed Pokhrel. Those students and youth organizations interested to participate in the exhibition must register their team for the fair latest by Jan 20.

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