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Renaissance in the history of art

The Renaissance was much more than Just an episode in the history of art.The Renaissance gave birth to so many new ideas and styles beyond Just art, that are still being used today.Many of the greatest painters and architects rose during the renaissance era, such as Michelangelo, Brucellosis and Albert’.

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The Renaissance brought forth much more than Just art. The Renaissance gave birth to new talent and artwork that will forever be remembered in history. In the early years of Michelangelo, Brucellosis and the other great artists of this era, pursuing art was discouraged in the household.

The adults saw it as a shameful career. Once these artist started showcasing their talents to the world, the view of art was changed to many. Artists gained new respect from the Europeans and were viewed as craftsman and useful to making goods. These artists inspired many with their work such as the Sistine Chapel and the Florence Cathedral. Also, architecture greatly contributed to this age of art. Alberta argued that buildings should mirror the human body in their supports and openings, which inspired many great artists such as Michelangelo.

Much of the architecture during this era was created in this image of human likeness. Also, you can see the work of renaissance in modern day architecture. The Renaissance study of architecture came up with a grid pattern to lay out towns in a simpler way, which you can still see being used today. As you can see, there are many ways you can still see the Renaissance culture in modern day life. The Renaissance should not only be remembered for the art and talent it produced but the new ways and how culture changed as a whole.

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