Religion 103 Final- Exam 1

Which of the following reasons did the professor believe to be the most important reason for studying world religions today?
During the lecture we were able to define the whole concept of religion in a way that fits all religions.
Which of the following forms of religious expression is defined by, “what is said?”
Which of the following forms of religious expression is defined by, “what is done?
Which of the following theories of the origins of religion says, “humans invented religion?”
Materialistic Perspective
Which of the following is the most common “practice” in all the religions of the world?
Which of the following is the most common “characteristic” of all religions?
Myth or Mythology
Every religion has its _______________ .
Holy persons, places, or objects due to their perceived dangerous nature must be avoided
Religious rituals, usually sympathetic or imitative, that attemtp to coerce nature
Future predictions
A way of thinking in pictures rather than the abstract to convey their religious truths
The belief that humans are not the only things that have a spirit or soul
he strongest source of knowledge concerning any religion is obtained by __________________ .
written records
Which of the following best describes Native American religions?
Polytheistic: they believe in a High God, gods, spirits and other deities
Generally speaking, most Native Americans believe in the immortality of the human soul and an afterlife.
The most common element in Native American religion used as a means of contacting the spirit world in preparation for a “special event” in life is the use of tobacco and sacred pipe.
Most Native Americans today consider themselves to be Christians.
which of the following best describes the most “common” beleif among African religions?
A supreme high god created the world and then withdrew from participation.
_____________ are the most commonly recognized spiritual forces in African religions.
___________________ are the most common form of “worship” in African religions.
drink or food offerings
Most African religions require religious functionaries.
Which of the following is the most enduring religious figures in African religions?
Chief King

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