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Reflective Journal

Essay Topic:

One of my strengths is inquiring. I’m usually the one in a group questioning everything like “How did this happen? ” or “What is the meaning of…. ” I also like to know a lot of information on a subject before I consider doing anything with it.

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I’m a very curious person and sometimes I’ll look at things from a different and new perspective to see what it’s like. I do this because I really enjoy seeing things from new different angles and comparing the two different point of views. This helps me better understand someone else’s view on something.For example if a friend and I are in an argument, I’ll try to wear their shoes and see their side. I also like to know why certain things have importance and value. I point out and question key facts and points to see why exactly it is of such significance. One of my weaknesses is Critical Thinking.

I’m alright at it but I know I could do better and could use some improvement. I love thinking; I do it all the time…sometimes even too much. I’m great at thinking about problems and solving them. Although sometimes when I read a story or question that is very long and full of ideas, I may get lost in my tracks and not figure out the main point.It becomes a bit challenging for me because I can’t focus on one idea or thought. I think this is because I’m such a curious guy and I keep on jumping from thoughts and conclusion. Another weakness of mine is that I am not a risk taker.

I always choose the rational and logical option and never take a little chance on something different. I know sometimes taking a risk pays off big, but unfortunately there are also times when it doesn’t. I’m always curious about what it would’ve been like if I took a risk. I think I never take risks because I fear that if I fail the damage may be hard.I usually take the path that has less damage possible. Another one of my strengths is being very reflective. It’s a very important skill to have because if we never look back at what we have done and the mistakes we have made, we would probably continually make the same mistake.

I think I reflect every night before I fall asleep in my bed. I think “Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have done that,” or “Yeah that was a funny moment. ” I always reflect on my past and on others past. I like to reflect on the past because it helps me see if I made a mistake somewhere so I can keep myself from doing it again.Reflecting helps you see what you’ve missed before, and learn from your past. I know I’m only supposed to mention two strengths but I feel I have another really good one. It’s being a very good communicator.

I’m a very social person and I know how speak properly at time and how to explain things if needed. I can also understand someone who doesn’t really explain something great and help them out. I may not use all the correct words but I do get the point across. I enjoy public speaking and entertaining, telling a joke here and there. I do have more strengths and weaknesses but those are my main ones.