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Reduse Usage of Plastic Bags

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Plastic bags are not biodegradable, so they get littered onto a wasteland which causes soil erosion causing damage and harm to the trees. If plastic bags are burnt, they emit hazardous gases causing air pollution which causes damage on the ozone layer. The Plastic can be reduced by u not using lots of plastic and use things in yr homes then going to buy a plastic bottle from the shop. Plastic bags are made out of non-biodegradable substance. (not organic)Because they are durable they do not rot. Scientist believe that it would take up to 1,000 years to break down.

In that time plastic bags separate into smaller toxic particles that contaminates the soil and even waterways. Even if we try to burn them, it pollutes the atmosphere Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are made worldwide. That means that 1 million plastic bags are made each minute, but then billions end up as litter each year. Making plastic bags can lead to exhaustion of oil, because to make a lot of plastic bags, we need a lot of oil. If we reduce oil we could save much more oil. You can actually drive about 460 meters with the oil which is used for only one plastic bag.

Plastic bags even kill a lot of marine animals. Plastic bags gets blown into the ocean and floats around like a jelly-fish. A lot of sea-creatures choke and die for mistaking them as their food. Each year, thousands of sea turtles choke on plastic bags after mistaking them for jellyfish, their favourite food. Even other sea critters like sea lions and dolphins have also been found with their stomachs filled with plastic bags! GOVERNMENT SHOULD BAN PLASTIC BAG The society's consumption rate is now estimated over 500,000,000,000 plastic bags annually.

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Reduse Usage of Plastic Bags

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The Malaysian Federal Government is considering banning plastic bag for environmental reason. There are some big company have take the challenge to make “say no to plastic bag” campaign such as IKEA, AEON and Factory Outlet Store (F. O. S). There are many drawbacks of the use of plastic bags. In some other countries, there are proposals to charge for the use of plastic bags. The objective of this paper is to educate shoppers to use reusable bags instead of plastic bags whenever possible. In the other hand, many people think it would be nuisance because there are so many practical uses for plastic bags.

The United States Environmental Protection says paper bags are worse for the environment than plastic. Plastic bags require much less energy to manufacture and recycle because of this plastic generates less greenhouse gas. Plastic bags cause less air and water pollution. They compress to a small size in landfills. Nevertheless, this paper is to agree that government should ban plastic bags because of several factors which are environment, economy and health. Firstly, the idea of banning plastic bags and use reusable bag is good for the environment.

In the other hand, many people think it would be ineffective because, according to Hilary Chiew (Chiew, 2009) in article high usage from Startwo’s newspapers, paper degrade at a slower rate compared to plastic in a landfill. In modern landfills nothing completely degrades due to the lack of water, light and oxygen. University of Arizona have done a research on paper, paper does not degrade even in 3 decades. So, paper takes up more space than plastic in landfill. While according to Abu Bakar Yang (Bakar, 2009) in article “Ancaman plastik dan botol plastik” about 100,000 of marine animals like...

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