Reduce stress

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There have various way to reduce stress such as listen to music , exercises regularly and have a good relationship with other people. Topic sentence 1 : Firstly, listen to music can reduce stress. Supporting details 1 : different person have different favorite music genre, but the most effective in other to reduce stress is listen to slow and classic music.

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Supporting details 2 : furthermore, music can lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones. Supporting details 3 : Listening to music can relieve depression and increase self-esteem ratings in elderly people.

Topic sentence 2 : secondly, exercises regularly can reduce stress Supporting details 1 : in other to reduce stress need to have exercises at lease 3 days a week, when done exercises, sweats release with negative energy from our body and keep our mind in balance. Supporting details 2 : Otherwise, exercises can keep our body healthy and away from diseased. Supporting details 3 : to avoid feel boring with the same activity we can change our regular exercise from gimnasium to swimming, dancing, cycling, playing badminton or other extreme sports like wall climbing, and jugle tracking.

Topic sentence 3 : finally, have a good relationship with other people Supporting details 1 : get to know about our friends and be socialized. Supporting details 2 : have a good sense of humor and sometimes make jokes with friends in office. Supporting details 3 : must have at least one best friend that can express any problems, always make parents as the best person to find any problem solve because they always know the best for us.