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Recruitment and Selection Process

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Referencing should be provided in Harvard Style referencing. The word count limit for this assignment is 2500 words excluding references. (Index is not required for this assignment). The assignments shou-ld be completed in Font Tlpe: Time New Roman with Size 12 and double spacing between lines. For Office Use Ouly Result Deliverer Internal Verifier Name & Signature Date -J#E+ E‚¬EgEl :ffis3 rysi! l tr ri : , " l,lorrorl. r'r"r,r Course: HNC/HND Diploma in Business Unit 14 Working with and Leading People Assessment Decision Form To be tilled in by the Assessors & Verifier Assessors Comment

Internal VerifierJModerator Comment: Any Action to be taken By Assessor: Exam Board Committee (EBC) Review: fflE ir-:;-:;: i, r' Managerrre:nt large national you have recently been appointed io the Human Resource Department of a staff of non managerial retailer, with specific responsluility for recruitment assistant for its Bradford branch and you The company is wanting to recruit a full,time sales advise the senior management team of have been asked to prepare all relevant-oocumentation, they must observe and take part in the any legal, regulatory'and ethical considerations ecruitment Process.

TASK that you comprete and encrose the following: rn order to full meet this brief you shourd ensure 1 'Abriefstaiementfortheseniormanagementteamoutliningthediffere- ncesandmerits your recommendations for the processes with between internal and external recruitment most suitable method' 2. A Job description correct format and person specification for the Job using the They could include some or all of the following: Job description . Job title o Department and location of Post . Broad terms of Job o Responsible to whom .

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Scope of Post Education and qualifications r Name of compiler and approver . Date of issue Person specification . Job title and reference number . Essential and desirable attributes r Physical characteristics required r Attainments and qualification . Previous experience . Generalintelligence . Special aptitudes r Temperament and Personality . Hobbies and interests . Personalcircumstances ffln Miuragern-ient TASK 2 You must produce a briefing sheet for the senior management team to guide them on aspects of law relating to recruitment and selection of candidates. This should include:

Sex Discrimination Act 1995197 Race Relations Act 1992 Equal payAct 1970 Disability Discrimination Act 1997 and 2005 Employment Act 2002 National Minimum Wage (current levels) Data Protection Act 1998 Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) 'Religion or Belief) (Amendment) Regulations 2007 Any other relevant Acts (if any) There should also be a section on ethical issues such as: asking candidates the same questions guidelines for interviewers who are related to candidates gender and ethnic balance on interview panels TASK 3

In pairs you will be interviewing a prospective candidate who has submitted a completed application form. For this task you wili need to complete and enclose the following: 1. Prepare a list of questions 2. to ask the interviewee based on their completed application form. Conduct the interview and write a brief statement afterwards to analyse how you contributed to the selection process. What went well and what could have been improved? fflG In order to achieve Pass Grade Evidence on page Tasks staff To include Job description, person specification, interview questions

Assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations tn the reernifment and seleetion orocess 5 Take part in the selection Process 4. Evaluate own contribution to the selection process All Tasks 1 - 4 should be completed In order to achieve Merit Grade Effective Judgements have been shown in tasks 1 -4 In order to achieve Distinction Grade A critical reflection is evicient on tasks 1-4 Assessor's Feedback on Outcome Criteria LO 1. t. z Assessment Criteria )repare documentation to select and recruit a new member of staff assess the impact of legal, egulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment Assessor's Comments take part in the selection process evaluate own contribution to tfre selection process lvlanzrgement Learning outcomes LOI recru itment, selection and retention Be able procedures Assessment criteria for pass The learner has to: 1. prepare documentation to select and recruit a new member of staff I-. 2 assess the impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations to the recruitment and selection process 1. 3 take part in the selection process 1. 4 evaluate own contribution to the selection process .

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