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The Reason of Ball Mill’s Uneven Discharging

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For ore dressing process, grinding is a continuation of the ore crushing process, and is a final finishing before ore sorting. Grinding the material evenly or not seriously affects the production efficiency of ball mill. Uneven ball mill’s discharging may be caused by the following two aspects: Firstly, the feeding grinding materials cause the uneven discharging. When water into the grinding material is high, it may cause the ball mill grinding “full” phenomenon.

If the water into the grinding material is too much, you can reduce the feed rate of ball mill, dry grinding materials, strengthening ventilation in ball mill, and join the way such as grinding material processing. Secondly, the high temperature of the inside of ball mill causes a “bag”. If grinding temperature is too high, we should control the grinding material temperature, the water spray in mill, and increase the grinding body drench water, strengthen the inside ventilation, join the grinding material, and reduce the ratio of feeding.

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The two phenomena can make the grinding ability declined dramatically. In the usual operation,we will strictly control the water into the grinding material and the temperature of the ball mill. Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co. , Ltd. specializes in the production of ore ball mill. The midheaven axis uses the steel casting, the inside lining is detachable, rotates the big wheel to use the casting to roll the tooth processing, tube in vivo besets with by the wear-resisting backing, has the good resistance to wear.

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