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Reaction Paper: Teddy Stellard

The story about the life of Teddy Stellar and his teacher Miss Thompson had a strong impact on each and everyone’s heart. It had touched my heart because I wasn’t expecting that a simple help from one person can build up the future of a child like Teddy. It had enlightened not only my mind but also my heart on how to deal with other people and how I should try to understand someone’s past before judge them.

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The initial reaction of Miss Thompson to Teddy was disappointment which had caused her to become curious about the child’s background, and this simple curiosity had led her to become someone she never thought she were. As she continue to help the child, she had not noticed that the more she helped and encouraged him, the more she became a better teacher. It was an advantage for both of them.

Through their different experiences, they were both molded to become a utter per some I had quoted that when Teddy thank Miss Thompson she had said that ” I didn’t know how to teach until I met you,” this simple line says it all. We sometimes forego and neglect our “Teddies” in life. Thinking that it would Just all be a waste of time to deal with them but we should always consider that many of the best experiences In life do not always come In beautiful things. The worst things almost always bring out the best in us.