quiz 8

In the case study of Billy the hockey goalie, what did he learn?
how to be rough and tough without getting thrown out of the game
The peer conflict resolution program developed to help resolve conflicts in a nonviolent way uses ________ as mediators in resolving student conflicts.
students with good leadership and communication skills
Research testing the catharsis notion of spectator aggression has shown that
b and d
According to research, which of the following statements concerning spectator aggression is true?
all of these
Which of the following is NOT an explanation put forth to explain athletes’ aggressive behavior?
They were born with an aggressive urge.
The research examining the relationship between aggression and performance supports which conclusion?
Aggression sometimes facilitates performance and sometimes does not.
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In which of the following situations is aggression likely to occur?
b and c
In the case study of head football coach Tom Martinez, Coach Martinez dealt with the area of aggressive play by
a. setting up specific guidelines distinguishing assertive play from inappropriate aggressive play
Which of the following is NOT a useful step in resolving peer conflict (especially in teenagers) in a nonviolent way?
Express thoughts but not feelings.
Bandura’s research showed that children who saw adult models commit violent acts repeated those acts more than children who were not exposed to such aggressive models. This supports which theory of aggression?
social learning theory
According to more recent research by Anderson and Bushman, aggression ranging from instrumental to reactive should be viewed
along a continuum
Which of the following is NOT among the criteria for judging aggression?
c. Aggression must be directed toward a human being.
Recent research has found a biological basis for aggressive behavior involving what transporter gene?
NOT corticoid-steroid
According to a research study (Tracelet et al., 2011) with soccer players, what reason was in the top five given for aggressive and anti-social behaviors by players?
a and b
“Good aggression” (playing within the rules with high intensity) is known in sport psychology as
assertive behavior
A linebacker intends to hurt and injure any receiver who catches a ball over the middle. This is an example of
reactive aggression
Most aggression in sport falls into which of the following categories?
instrumental aggression
Which of the following have shown the strongest relationship?
aggressive behavior and media violence
Individuals have an innate predisposition to be aggressive, which builds up and eventually must be expressed. This represents the major premise of which theory?
instinct theory
The general aggression model proposes that when aggression occurs, it will be
thought out versus impulsive
An athlete who does the right thing when faced with a moral dilemma possesses what virtue?
The definition of good sporting behavior put forth by Shields and Bredemeier emphasizes which of these statements?
Ethical standards will take precedence over strategic gain when these are in conflict.
In a study investigating moral development in elementary school children and the Fair Play for Kids activities, it was found that
c. both Fair Play groups had higher moral development than the control group
In a summary of 20 years of research on moral development, Bredemeier and Shields found that
c. athletes’ game reasoning differs from reasoning used in everyday life
According to Shields and Bredemeier, morality in sport includes
all of these
Tennis great Chris Evert felt that good sporting behavior meant
acting in a classy and dignified way
The process of experience and growth by which an individual develops the capacity to morally reason is the definition of
moral development
Which of the following is among the strategies for developing resiliency in youth?
a and b
Which of the following is NOT one of the levels in Hellison’s levels of responsibility model?
Some physical educators have developed programs to enhance resiliency in at-risk youth. The attributes displayed by resilient youths include which of the following?
a and b
It has been proposed that sport participation can serve as an alternative to gang behavior by providing
b and c
Physical education expert Eric Larson thinks that extracurricular activities can have a positive influence on youth development because
b and c
According to the structural-developmental approach, moral reasoning depends in large part on the
cognitive development of the individual
Consider an athlete who takes illegal performance-enhancing drugs and argues her actions are okay because everyone does it. At what stage of moral development is she?
eye for an eye
Which of the following statements is FALSE?
a and c (. Developing good sporting behavior through competitive sport involvement automatically transfers to nonphysical activity,c. Physical educators and coaches should teach religious values to help build moral development.)
Which of the following strategies is useful for enhancing moral development and good sporting behavior?
a and c
Which of the following is NOT one of the moral action stages hypothesized by Miller and colleagues (1997)?
reviewing history of moral choices
Participation in sport keeps youths off the street and out of trouble. This is central to which explanation of the relationship between organized sport and delinquency?
differential association
Recent research by Moria Stuart indicates that children aged 10 to 12 had concerns about
a and c
A newly developed measure of sportspersonship by Bolter and Weiss allows
NOT a and c