Quiz 1 – HIM 3200

(T or F) The history of epidemiology originated as early as classical antiquity
Which of the following is NOT considered a use of epidemiology?
To provide healthcare services to specific individuals
Whether a contaminated food such as tomatoes caused an outbreak of gastrointestinal disease is a simple example of:
A casual association
(T or F) Epidemiology is a quantitative discipline that requires data for descriptive and analytic studies
The systematic and continuous gathering of information about the occurrences of diseases and other health phenomena is known as:
Public health surveillance
Using health-related data that precede diagnosis and signal a sufficient probability of a case or an outbreak to warrant further public health response known as:
Syndromic surveillance
Examples of information collected by fetal death certificates include:
Name, disposition, and congenital anomalies
(T or F) Those who occupy the lowest socioeconomic positions have less morbidity and mortality from various cases
In epidemiology, place variables include:
Localized occurrences of disease
Increases and decreases in the frequency of a disease within a year or over a period of several years are known as:
Cyclic trends
(T or F) Biostatistics is defined as the application of statistical principles in medicine, public health, or biology
A subset of the population of interest is often referred to by what statistical term?
A sample of individuals
What is the most important factor in determining which populations a well-designed study’s results can be applied to?
The inclusion and exclusion criteria for the study
(T or F) An active-control trial is the best option for researchers hoping to test a newly devised therapy for a life-threatening illness among individuals with the illness, when a previously devised treatment is available for the illness
(T or F) The application of treatment among participants in an experimental study is a key difference between an experimental study and an observational study
Misclassification bias is most likely to be observed in which study type?
A case-control study
A novice researcher noted that during summertime there is a positive association between the increase in ice cream sales and the increase in the number of drownings; however, there is no logical explanation for why ice cream sales would be responsible for the increased incidence of drowning. What phenomenon likely explains this type of observation?
A researcher is interested in determining the current prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis in the United States. Which type of study would be most useful in estimating the prevalence of rheumatoid arthritis in the United States?
A cross-sectional survey

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