quiz 1 301

a logical set of attributes
a characteristic of a person or thing
a systematic explanation for the observations that relate to a particular aspect of life, attempts to explain and predict a phenomena
The two pillars of social sciences are
logic and observation
Samantha has concluded that living in a coed residence hall makes residents more androgynous. As she continues her research, she tends to focus on events and situations that fit this pattern, Which error in inquiry is reflected?
selective observation
The distinction between quantitative and qualitative methods in social research is essentially the distinction between
numerical and nonnumerical data
Nora first observed people in her Sunday School for several months and then determined if there was a pattern in the different responses of men and women, Which one of the following approaches is reflected?
If a researcher has a theory and wants to prove that it is true by going out and making observations, they are using:
deductive theory
Which of the following illustrates the use of the inductive method?
observations, pattern finding, generalizations
In social science, rather than focusing upon an individual, we often look at whole groups known as:
Research data that consist of interview transcripts and narrative texts is an example of:
qualitative data
Fred’s biology teacher told him about the “birds and the bees” By relying on his biology’s teacher explanation, Fred relies on _____ as a way of knowing
Consider the following research question: Does increased physical distance between romantic partners lead to a decrease in intimate topics? What is the independent variable?
a. Physical distance