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Question 2

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The passage written by Walter Lippmann, titled “The indispensible opposition” uses examples of to develop his argument. In the first paragraph the author started off with expressing what liberty of opinion means to him and to other people as well. He mentions how “political freedom- that is to say, the right to speak freely and to act in opposition-.. ” In the third paragraph he mentions that “opinion is a luxury” he said this because we tend to not speak for ourselves only because we just learn how to tolerate those around us because they too have ‘rights’.

This matters because in this paragraph he states his point of view, and this is how he forms his argument. In paragraph four, the author used a historic fact to support his argument. This is essentially important because he knows that people will question as to why he only used his opinion. He mentions “freedom of speech, and as a matter of practical human experience there is much more compelling reason for cultivating the habits of free men. As a conclusion our author concluded that as of right now, he believes that we missed the true of meaning of having the freedom to speak for ourselves, because often times we tend to tolerate another being’s “annoying” doing, just like when a baby next door is crying, we tend to just let it go, or even when a neighbor is playing a loud music, the author also believes that this is an act of laziness and lack of strong serious conviction, he believes that humanity needs a little push when it comes to speaking and standing up for themselves, or ourselves.

He also believes that some shouldn’t take it too far as to where we offend people, he believes we need to balance. This is how Lippmann supported his argument about freedom.

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Question 2

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