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Who should be interested in the topic chosen for a research paper?▫️
_Whoever writes the paper
Whoever grades the paper
Whoever reads the paper
All of these
Evaluate this topic idea:
“Teachers gave 18.5% more homework in 2007 than in 2005.”
The topic is satisfactory
_The topic is too broad
The topic is too narrow
This is a thesis statement
Which question may be used to start your initial research about “Global Warming”?
How do you spell “global warming”?
Who is Al Gore?
_When did global warming first become a concern?
None of these
Smoking is bad for your health.
-Too narrow/Too board/Just right
Your research supports your thesis.
T /F
Selecting “exergaming is a healthy activity” for the topic in this lecture was a good idea because
The teacher is curious about exergaming
Some people think exergaming is controversial
Exergaming is very popular right now
_All of these
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25% of candy bars contain more saturated fat than cereal bars.
Too narrow/-Too board/Just right
Melinda has always wanted to know about export rates between the U.S. and China. Why is this a good research topic for her?
Melinda is curious about the topic
You should find a new topic if
You don’t like your current topic
You can’t find any information to support your thesis
You feel it isn’t interesting to other people
_Any of these
Cereal bars are a healthy alternative to candy bars.
Too narrow/Too board/-Just right
Once you have chosen a topic, what should you do before beginning the research process?
Find as many possible facts and details on your topic
_Choose a position
Discuss your idea with others
None of these
Your research should be guided by the directive of the assignment.
T /F
Topics that are too broad cover too much information.
T/ F
A thesis statement is supported by arguments.
Candy bars taste good.
Just right/-Too narrow/Too broad
Which is the best thesis statement?
I think Cheerios is the best cereal.
Cheerios is one of the most popular cereals on the market today.
Cheerios should be given a “Healthy Heart” award.
_Cheerios is one of the most healthy cereals available today.
20% of smokers decide to quit everyday.
Just right/Too narrow/-Too broad
Evaluate this topic idea
“Recycling is an important part of keeping our planet clean.”
Too narrow
Too broad
_Just right
None of these
If you have selected a topic that you do not like, you should change your topic.