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Qualities of Hr Manager

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CASE STUDY Ans 1. -Education, job skills, experience and other competencies required for future human resource manager. * Credits in HR management. * HR and Sales experience. * To work as team leader. * Volunteer. * Result Oriented. * Good communication Skills. * Interpersonal Skills. * Competent. * Energetic. * Ability to work and deal with aggressive or strict boss. Ans 2. -All of the 4 candidates had strengths that others did not have . They all have good education, work experience but Michael Anderson has experience of 7 years and is “jack of all trades. Arthur has the best interpersonal skills and good knowledge of sales industry and can devote extra time to its position . Jane Reynolds is very competent, and is considered as the real mover and career oriented lady. Steven Robinson was the youngest among all the applicants and was full of energy and enthusiasm. Along with this, he was the only one with CHRP certificate and had good knowledge of IT and internet. Ans 3- I am partly satisfied with the selection process employed by the firm as it is a tough decision to approve any of the candidates because each have strengths that other don’t have.

But making personal opinions for selection process, like Clark had a doubt about the wisdom of hiring a woman for the position or selecting Steven as he was an African-Canadian to improve company’s image of being insensitive to multicultural mosaic may result in biased selection decision. So if I would be the in charge of the selection process, I would have focussed more on the competent, career oriented behaviour of the candidates, rather than looking for all the aspects, the selection process should be more focused on the target of the firm or the expectations from the position.

Ans 4-Among the candidates I believe Jane Reynolds would be most suitable for the position. As the firm management expect, the new person who is hired should be a mover and shaker, so Jane had been considered as a real “mover. ” Along with this she also meets the qualification and experience requirement of the position. She don’t have a very high experience and is junior for the position but she can meet the challenges of her position, as she is a career minded lady and the position is waiting for energetic and result oriented person.

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Qualities of Hr Manager

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