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Qualities of a Good Leader

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First of all, if you’re not confident you will go no where as a leader and probably will not be a leader in the first place. When you are confident, you instill confidence in those around you, it “rubs off. ” Being conceited and arrogant are two different things.

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Arrogance causes those around you to dislike you and resent your actions. Many traits are involved with confidence, including the ability to communicate, make decisions, and optimism.Communicating and how you do it is key, if you speak with authority and knowledge you will be successful. The way you make decisions affects your follower’s confidence in you. Don’t second guess yourself. Optimism is the fall back plan on which most leaders use when something doesn’t go their way. Having people know that you made a mistake but will fix it in the near future will greatly increase the amount of people who follow you.

HONESTY- People want to trust their leader.The best way to gain trust in a leader is if that leader is honest and trustworthy. In order to gain that attribute of honesty, you must go out of your way to display that honesty as an individual. When you don’t admit that something didn’t work, you are making a mistake. In the eyes of citizens or who whoever may follow you, lying to them is quite possibly the worst thing you can do. When you are honest you turn into an influence to other people.

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