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Purusha Suktham

Purusha evaedaghm sarvam yad bhootam yach’cha bhavyam | uta amritatvas yeshaanah yad annenaa tirohati || 03 Yetaavaan asya mahima ato jyaaya aghascha poorushah | paado’ vishvaa bhootaani sya tripaadasya ‘amritam divi 04 Tripaad oordhva udait purushah paado ‘ syehaa bhavat punah | tato vishvaan vyakraamat sa asana anasane abhi || 05 Tasmaat viraada jaayata viraajo aadhipoorushah | sa jaato atyarichyata pashchaad bhoomim atho purah || 06 Yat purushena havishaa devaa yajnam atanvata | vasanto asya ‘asee-daajyam greeshma idhma saraddh avih || 07 Saptaasyaa san paridayah trih saptah samidah kritaah | devaa yad yajnam tanvaanaah abadhnan purusham pashum || 08 Tam yajnam barhishi prokshan purusham jaatam agratah | tena devaa ayajanta saadhyaa rrishayas cha ye || 09 Tasmaad yajnaat sarva’ahutah | sambhrritam prishadaajyam | pashooghs taaghs chakre vaayavyaan | aaranhyaan graamyaas cha ye The great Purusha, brilliant as the Sun, who is beyond all darkness, I know him in my heart. Who knows the Purusha thus, attains immortality in this very birth. I know not of another way to salvation.

With innumerable heads, uncountable eyes, and multiple feet, He moves all over manifesting as all the creation. Verily, He is immeasurable, Beyond the grasp of the hands of men. That which is, was, and is to be, all of this is He alone, the eternal, beyond all end, He alone is Lord of that. The world is food, which hides, and ventures forth, He is that too.

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All that you see is but his glory. He is more than all of this. All of creation is but a fourth of him. Three parts eternal rest in him alone. Three parts of his are beyond all this. All of this, is but a part. Again and again, all that eats, and that eats not appeared from this one part of His.

And even the knower of this world, desires no more but to adore Him. Who burns as bright as fire in the Gods, who is their priest, eldest, who is the essence, of what is, we worship Him. The Gods who experienced Him, spread this word as the foremost ‘He, who with his heart knows Him thus, even we will be bound by him. ’ Hree and Lakshmi are your consorts, Your two sides are the day and the night, the stars are your form. Healing are your words. Grant us our desires and our joys. You’re all. From the waters and earth does all appear As a builder he builds, as a smith he forges it. He, who was all before the all was. Tat tvam Asi Dr Sarma R V S N www. drsarma. in

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