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Purpose Statement Memo

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It is impossible to think about doing a successful business abroad without paying full attention on learning and understanding all the specifics of local business and social culture, including the variety of local customs and traditions related to business activity. The purpose of this report is to collect, systematize and summarize available materials about social and business customs of Japan, traditional perception of business and commerce in this country, specifics and tendencies of social interaction, the rules of business etiquette, nuances of formal and informal behavior, and so on, in order to help achieving an effective cross cultural competence when doing business with Japanese partners.


1.      Introduction: Basic Facts on Business Environment in Japan

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Purpose Statement Memo

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2.      Business Culture of Japan

2.1.  Traditional Views on Business in Japanese Society

2.2.  Main Values of Business Culture in Japan

2.3.  Organizational Culture in Japan

2.4.  Strategies of Communication and Building Business Relationships

2.5.  Business Etiquette

3.      Social Customs and Traditions of Japanese Society

3.1.  Specifics of Social Interaction in Japan

3.2.  Impact of Religion and Ancient Cultural Traditions on Modern Social Life

3.3.  Cultural Nuances of Informal Social Interaction

4.      Conclusion: Recommendations on Developing Effective Cross Cultural Competence When Doing Business in Japan.


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