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Every person in this world has morals and ethics that are differ from other. If people do not respect their morals and ethics, then obviously they do not respect their selves. For instance, respecting the time or punctuality is surely included in the personal ethics. It is important for each person to be punctual because it is conveys the personal ethics and increases the trusts of others. Academically, not being punctual will cause the student to miss information, failing classes and lose respect.

The most significant effect of not being punctual is the student will miss classes, and that’s will cause the students to miss information. This information could range from pop quizzes to homeworks due dates.

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Furthermore, if the students permanently come late to the classes or misses it, they would not know about the homeworks due date or any information about it. Additionally, the students who are not punctual have a bigger chance of having lower grades on pop quizzes. Consequently, not respecting time will absolutely determine the total grade.

Also, if the student has an assigned presentation to do and he/she are not punctual, he/she will fail to present what is assigned for them. Ultimately, the few minutes the students miss means more grades to lose. Secondly, the consequences of losing grades are apparently failing the classes. As a result, the student will have a lower GPA and will be dismissed from the university. The only thing that each student does not want to have is a low GPA, and that is why they study hard and put more effort on it.

As a consequence, the A student is always punctual and will never miss any class. Because of having a lower GPA and not respecting punctuality, the student will be dismissed from the university. Surely no student wants to be dismissed from the university but punctuality is one of the unbreakable rules of the university. Accordingly, the student will face a hard time getting accepted from other universities, which most probably will reject the admission request because of not respecting punctuality.

One of the main effects of not being punctual, that the student will lose instructors, classmates and family respect. Firstly, the student who does not respect the class time and always comes late will lose the respect of the instructor. As a result, the instructors won’t be helpful to these students when it comes to the grades. Furthermore, the classmates will lose faith and trust on those who are not punctual. Because of their habits they can’t be trusted especially when it comes to studying and doing a group projects.

Also, after being dismissed from the university and basically losing all the opportunities of having a good life, the family will not respect the unpunctual student and will treats them as a child. Because they spent so much money and time, and they are rewarded by being unpunctual. Finally, Punctuality is substantial and it must be respected from all the people. It is a mirror for people’s ethics and countries culture. Personally, I would not go to the class rather than going late. Each student has to be punctual when it comes to class attendance, because it is one of the keys of academic success.

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