Public Speaking quiz 3

If you find a photo on a Web site and want to use it in a classroom speech, you can use it without asking permission from the Web site.
Although you can use notes if you need them, the most desirable technique for public speaking is to use no notes.
Speaking notes should be written in complete sentences.
NOT: main points
For speaker’s notes, the text recommends that _____________ should be written in large letters and contrasting colors.
Eye contact
Which aspect of nonverbal communication is considered a “figurative handshake”?
NOT: give as strong an answer as you can manage under the circumstances
If you as a speaker do not know the answer to a listener’s question, you should
It is a good idea to speak fast at the beginning of your speech so that the audience doesn’t get bored.
Calling on people at random is a technique that the text recommends for long presentations.
An ancient Chinese proverb says, “I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I ____________________.”
In a process speech, the goal is always to teach the listeners how to perform the process themselves.
Creating a graphic on a whiteboard or chalkboard during a speech is an effective way to hold the audience’s attention.
Your speaking notes
When you deliver your speech, you should use
An outline should include
shows preparedness and respect for the audience
Using notes in a speech
When speaking to a small audience, you should establish eye contact with every listener.
NOT: Oral distractions
Uh and “um” are examples of what the text calls
NOT: “To help my listeners see that they should buy cars made in Detroit.”
Which one of the following specific purpose statements is appropriate for an informative speech?
Of the three main channels for learning information, the visual is the strongest.
A speaker is better off using no visual aids at all than poor ones.
Regarding a speaker’s credibility with an audience, which one of the following statements is true?
a blueprint of a house
An outline for a speech is like
a bit dressier than the listeners’ clothes
A speaker’s clothes should be
NOT: the verbal
If nonverbal communication contradicts verbal messages, listeners will accept _________________________ as the true message.
NOT: Ask the talkers to please give you their attention.
A few audience members are rudely chatting among themselves during your speech, distracting other listeners. Which one of the following solutions is unacceptable?
An explanation speech is not appropriate for a college classroom speech.
Either horizontal or vertical
In a bar graph, the bars should be
in the early stages of preparation, when you are brainstorming and putting down your ideas
A good time to use a topic outline is
Cannahepya? for “Can I help you?” is an example of poor
NOT: extemporaneous
Which method of delivery is a person most likely to use in delivering a paper at a scientific conference?
The extemporaneous method of delivery involves speaking on the spur of the moment with no chance to prepare.
A speaker explains why most car thieves steal 10-year-old cars rather than new cars. The speaker is likely to use the __________________ pattern of organization.
A speech recounting the history of the attack on Pearl Harbor would be which type of speech?