public speaking chapter 9 review

beginning of speech, including attention getter, a statement of the thesis and purpose, a reference to the speaker’s credibility, and a preview of the main points
primary effect
an audience is more likely to pay attention to and recall what speakers present at the beginning of a speech than what they present in the speech body
attention getter
the first element of an introduction, designing mainly to create interest in a speech
preview of main points
the final element of the introduction, in which the main points to be presented in the body of the speech are mentioned
recency effect
an audience is more likely to remember what speakers present at the end of a speech that what they present in the speech body
the end of a speech, in which the speaker reviews the main points, reinforces the purpose, and provides closure
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review of main points
the portion of the conclusion in which you briefly restate the main points
memorable message
a sentence or group of sentences included in the conclusion of a speech, designed to make the speaker’s thesis unforgettable
T or F. Asking your audience a question can be an effective attention getter at the start of you speech.
T or F. A good attention getter does not need to be related to you topic to be effective.
T or F. When you ask a rhetorical question in your speech, you are encouraging your listeners to think about the answer, but they will expect you to provide the answer as part of your speech.
T or F. The conclusion of your speech is the least important of the four speech parts.
T or F. Speakers should use their imagination and creativity when developing their speech introduction.
T or F. According to your textbook, “primacy effect” notes that audiences are more likely to pay attention to and recall what a speaker presents at the beginning of a speech.
T or F. The first thing a speaker should do in his or her introduction is state the thesis of the speech.
T or F. It is important to stress why your speech is important in the conclusion of the speech.
T or F. A preview of main points in a speech introduction should be a long and detailed description of the main areas you intend to cover in your speech
T or F. It is important to provide a transition between the body of the speech and the conclusion.
T or F. In the conclusion of your speech it is important to reinforce the purpose of your speech.
An effective attention getter should
entice the audience to want to here more
You need an effective attention getter in your speech’s introduction in order to
make a good first impression, create interest in you speech, encourage the audience to listen to you
Which of the following is not one of the things a speaker accomplishes in the speech’s introduction?
reviews main points
An effective attention getter
should not last long
One of the several proven strategies for gaining your audiences’ attention in the speech introduction is
ask a question that you want the audience to answer or consider.
When a speaker asks a question during their introduction that they really do not expect their listeners to answer, the question is referred to as ______.
After getting your audience’s attention, you should shift smoothly to the next element of your introduction which is
an indication of you speech’s purpose and thesis.
A speech’s introduction can be enhanced by
a timely and appropriate joke, presentation media, visual aids.
Letting the audience know you are an authority on you topic establishes your
The main points of your speech should be
previewed in the introduction, presented in the body,reviewed in the conclusion
Audience members tend to recall what the speaker presents last better than they recall the information presented in the body of the speech. This effect is called __________.
the recency effect
The review of the main points of a speech normally follows
a transition word or phrase that indicates you are moving to the conclusion.
Including a memorable message in the conclusion of you speech will
help make your thesis unforgettable
Ending your speech with a dramatic statement is one technique for
providing closure
Which of the following people would audience members view as the most credible speaker?
an air traffic controller speaking about runway safety at airports
Which of the following is least likely to occur in an introduction of a speech?
According to your textbook, the attention-getter for a speech to persuade should include all of the following EXCEPT __________________.
explain your connection to the topic
According to your textbook, humor can be a useful tool in your introduction but your humor should never _______________.
Make you look incompetent, Be offensive, Distract from your topic
The idea that an audience is likely to form an opinion of a speaker in the first few moments of a speech is termed the _________________.
primary effect