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Ptlls Written Rationale

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) Written Rationale My micro-teach is about Accessibility Options, an IT related topic. I choose this subject because I am interested in IT. We are all aware that IT covers a wide range of topics.

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I have deliberately concentrated on the topic, Accessibility Options in the Control Panel in Windows XP, simply because I want to make my learners aware of the feature available for disabled users and how those types of users could apply it to their daily lives.

I also intend to explain the methods in which a normal user can support disabled users. The Accessibility Options will cover 4 categories, which are Sticky Keys, Filter Keys, Toggle Keys and Magnifier. I have re-looked at my previous comments related to the one to one micro-teach, such as practicing before hand and being better prepared, which I currently doing so. I have designed individual handout booklets for the learners to use during the session and refer to after the lesson.

I want the learners to demonstrate what they have learned. The ideal way would be to get the learners to practice on their own individual computers, to do this I will need a few extra computers which unfortunately do not have. I shall therefore ask my learners to answer a few questions related to the session instead. My teaching delivery is based on lecturing whilst demonstrating my topic by using the computer and smart board to help my learners understand.