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Ptlls T3 Assessment Task

Essay Topic:

Everyone within the educational system is entitled to equality, differentiation, inclusivity, diversity and entitlement. Equality – All students should be treated equally regardless of age, gender, and ethnicity. I therefore would ensure that all students are treated equally regardless of these factors. Differentiation – It is very important has a teacher to be able to differentiate between all my learners. My approach to teaching must ensure that all students learn well despite their many differences. The main thing with differentiation is to always remember that all learners are individuals.

Because of this i would continually assess all learners throughout their course.

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Inclusivity – Within the classroom it is important that all learners are made to feel and are actively included in the subject material that i am teaching. They must be made fully aware and are able to understand and participate in all the classroom activities. To make sure all learners are included i would try to make learning as enjoyable as possible through a variety of learning styles. Diversity – No two learners are the same, everyone is different.Therefore diversity consists of visual and non-visual factors which would include personal elements such as culture, background, religious beliefs, race, disability, age and gender. Therefore all these factors must be taken into account within the classroom environment.

I would therefore respect each and everyone’s diversities, and would strive to make sure that all learners respect and appreciate on another also. If i had a learner that needed specific support that i am not able to deal with personally then i would have to consider referring them to another department or possibly another organisation.