Psychology study

Which of the following is false concerning findings from studies of the consequences of leadership behavior
High level of cohesion are related to authoratic coaching behavior
What are the two major categories of behavior from the coaching behavior Assessment system
Reactive and spontaneous
Which of the following statement is true
Athletes high in internal locus of control prefer training and instruction coaching behavior
Regardless of age, athletes prefer coaches who
Give positive feedback and give technical instruction
“Great leaders are made, not born.” This statement is an example of which approach to leadership
Which of the following is not a phase in PST
Intervention phase
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The studies investigating the effectiveness of PST in enhancing performance have generally found
That PST enhances the performance of collegiate athletes and PST enhances performance in older and younger athletes
New research indicates that which of the following is NOT a construct in the 4C model of mental toughness
A recent study found that coaches particularly use the mental skill of:
Imagery and self-talk
What was the main problem that a basketball player faced shooting free throw in the case study presented at the beginning of the chapter
He had not developed the psychological skill of relaxation
Which of the following is false concerning psychological skills training:
PST is only for problems athlete
Results of a study focuses on successful versus unsuccessful athletes showed that more successful are characterized by
More task oriented thoughts and high self-confidence
Sports psychology topics that form the basis for PST programs include which of the following
Imagery and confidence building
From a psychological perspective, the ultimate goal of psychological skills training is
Self regulation
Relaxation techniques are usually classified as:
Cognitive and somatic
Using an electronic monitoring device that can detect and amplify internal response not ordinary available to us is known as:
A good way to increase awareness of psychological states in sport is to:
Monitor and record your psychological state immediately after practice and competition
For long-term coping, research indicates that the most effective strategy is:
Active problem-focused coping
A key feature in the multimodal anxiety reduction programs is that they help participants learn
Coping skills
Excess anxiety can produce
Inappropriate muscle tension, inappropriate thoughts, and somatic reaction
Which of the following can be useful as an on-site strategy to help reduce tension
Smile when the pressure is coming, slow down, and stay focused in the present
The gradual counter conditions of anxiety using relaxation as the incompatible or competing response is known as:
Systematic desensitization
The PETTLEP model emphasizes which of the following critical factors in imagery practice
Perspective and learning
The only study directly testing the relationship between imagery and personality use which personality traits
Internal imagery makes it easy for an athlete to experience which of the following senses
Basic imagery training involves
Controllability and vividness
Research using US and Canada Olympic athletes has shown that approximately what percent of Olympic athletes use imagery
Quinn’s research shows that electrical activity was present in skiers legs as they imagined skiing down the slope provided support for
Psycho neuromuscular theory
The latest research on the time of imagery would suggest that imagery timing might be different based on
The task
And have tried to imagine shooting a free throw under pressure, but the ball keeps hitting the ram and bouncing off. this is an example of lack
Which of the following is not a used of imagery
Reducing the amount of physical practice time
Confidence is seen as multidimensional, consisting of confidence in:
Ones ability to execute physical skills, one’s level of fitness, and one’s psychological skills
Self-efficacy theory was originated by
Albert Bandura
Confidence is usually defined by sports psychologist as the:
Believe that you can successfully perform a desired behavior
Sport self-confidence is currently viewed as:
State-like or trade-like depending on the situation
The probable reason that approximately a dozen runners broke a four minute barrier within one year after Roger Bannister originate it was:
Expectations that it could be done
Which of the following is not a major source of self efficiency
Parental expectations
Research has indicated that live and filmed modeling increase self-efficiency in muscular endurance test. This is an example of:
Vicarious learning
Self-confidence has been use interchangeably with
Self efficiency