Psychology Quiz- Motivation

Motivation is best understood as a state that:
energizes and directs behavior.
Which of the following is a difference between a drive and a need?
needs are physiological states; drives are psychological states.
One problem with the idea of motivation as drive reduction is that:
because some motivated behaviors do not seem to be based on physiological needs, they cannot be explained in terms of drive reduction
Some scientific evidence makes a preliminary link between homosexuality and:
atypical prenatal hormones.
Increases in insulin will:
lower blood sugar and trigger hunger
Electrical stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus will cause an animal to:
begin eating
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The text suggests the a neophobia for unfamiliar tastes:
protected our ancestors from potential toxic substances
I am a protein produced by fat cells and monitored by the hypothalamus. When in abundance I cause the brain to increase metabolism. What am I?
Instinct theory and drive-reduction theory both emphasize___ factors in motivation.
The correct order of the stages of Masters and Johnson’s sexual response cycle is:
excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution
Few human behaviors are rigidly patterned enough to qualify as:
Which of the following is not true regarding sexual orientation?
Men’s sexual orientation is potentially more fluid and changeable than women’s
In his study of men on a semi starvation diet, Keys found that:
the subjects became obsessed with food.
When asked what makes life meaningful, most people first mention:
satisfying relationships
Bulimia nervosa involves:
binging and purging
Castration of male rates results in:
reduced testosterone and sexual interest
Which of the following has been found to be most effective in treating sexual disorders?
behavior therapy
Kinsey’s studies of sexual behavior showed that:
sexual behavior is enormously varied
To increase employee productivity, industrial-orginizational psychologists advise managers to:
deal with employees according to their individual motives
Dr. Iverson conducts research focusing on how management style influences worker motivation. Dr. Iverson would most accurately be described as a(n);
organizational psychologist
Mary loves hang-gliding. it would be most difficult to explain Mary’s behavior according to:
drive-reduction theory