Psychology 204

What are the three inter related aspects of social self
Self presentation, self, esteem, and self concept.
What is self concept and how does it relate to self schemas
is the sum total of an individual’s beliefs about his or her own personal attributes, self schema relates because it I believe people hold about themselves that guide the processing of self relevant information. Self concept is made up of cognitive molecules called self schemas.
Who is Charles Horton Cooley
A social psychologist who introduced the term Looking Glass self. It suggest the social factors are a necessary second step.
What is introspection
The examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, self-knowledge is derived from introspective a looking inward at one’s own thoughts and feelings
What is affective forecasting
The process of predicting how one would feel in response to future emotional event how you feel after positive or negative events
Who was Simie Vazire
An associate professor of psychology she proposed a self other knowledge Asymmetry Model known as (SOKA), In which she predicts that we know how it feels better than others do when it comes to trace there are internal and hard to observe. She also said others may know us better than we know ourselves when it comes to observable traits that are external she said that others can be more objective then we are about ourselves.
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What is self perception theory
The theory that when internal cues are difficult to interpret people gain self -insight by observing their own behavior.
What is a facial feedback hypothesis
The hypothesis that changes in facial expressions that can lead to corresponding changes in emotion
How does facial feedback work
The changes in the facial expression can trigger corresponding changes in the subjective experience of emotion.
What is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and their benefits
INTRINSIC originates and factors within a person they are said to be and intrinsic motivated when they engage in activity for the sake of their own interest. EXTRINSIC motivation originate in fact is outside the person they are said to be extrinsic motivated when they engage in a activity as a means to an end for tangible benefits
What is over justification effect
The tendency for intrinsic motivation to diminish for activities that have become associated with extrinsic Factors. Research also that when people start getting rewarded for a test they already enjoy they sometimes lose interest in it
Who is Leon Festinger and what do he proposed .
He was a social psychologist he proposed
Z his social comparison theory test no argue that when people are uncertain of their abilities or opinions that is when objects information is not readily available they value waiting still through comparison with similar others
TWO key question a by Leon Festinger
When do people turn to others for comparative information. Of all the people who inhabit the earth with who do we choose to compare ourselves
What is the two- factory theory
the theory that experience of emotion is based on two factors psychological arousal, and cognitive interpretation of that arousal.
What is autobiographical memories
Re collection of the sequences of events that have touched your life.
What is the difference between independent interdependent view of self
Independent view of the self is a entity that is distinct , autonomous, self-contained and endowed with unique dispositions. The independent you view says the only person you can count on is your cell or I enjoy being unique and different from others
It said that I am partly to blame if one of my friends or family member fails or my happiness depends on the happiest of other around me. The self is a part of a larger network that includes one’s family coworkers and others with whom that one is socially connected
What is self esteem
An affective component of the self , consisting of a, persons positive and negative self evaluations
What is terror management theory
This is the second important theory good. A human cope with the fear of their own death by constructing world views that help to preserve their self-esteem
Are there gender and race differences
Gender difference it says it only differ in small amounts, but anyways they have found that black American children adolescents and adults consistently score higher not lower then their white counterparts on measures of self esteem.
What is self awareness theory
The theory that self focused attention leads to notice self discrepancies thereby motivating either an escape from self awareness or change in behavior. Example most people are not using focus but certain situations predictably for us to turn in words and become obvious of our own attention when we talk about our selves glance in the mirror or behave in a social conspicuous you manner
What happened to traits of self-consciousness
Private self consciousness the tendency to introspect about our inner thoughts and public self-consciousness ball tendency to focus on our outer public image
What is self regulation
The process by which people control their thoughts feelings or behavior in order to achieve a personal or social goals.
What is basking in the reflected glory(BIRG)
To increase self- esteem by association with others who are sucessful., to some extent your self esteem is influenced by individuals and groups with whom you identify. They use BIRG by showing off their connections to successful others
What is self presentation
Strategies people use to shake what others think of them it takes many different form it may be conscious or unconscious after it or misleading or intended for an external audience or for ourselves
What is self monitoring
The tendency to change behavior in response to the self-presentation concerns of the situation, able to modify their behavior as they move from one setting to another
What are limits to self perception
People do not and infer their own internal State From behavior that occur in the presence of compelling situational pressures such as reward or punishment
What is downward social comparison
The defensive tendency to compare ourselves with others who are worse off than we are
What is self discrepancy theory
Determines how people feel about themselves our self esteem is defined by the mismatch or match between how we see ourselves as well as how we want others to see ourselves.
Social psychologists use the scientific method when they study human behavior in order to
Allow the other social psychologist to attempt to replicate the findings
All social psychology research you must begin with a
Social psychologists use electronic databases such as psych info to
Find published research on a particular topic
A hypothesis provides a means of
Testing a theory
The problem with Freudian theory was that
It was not sufficiently testable
Which of the following best describes the primary goal of basic research
To test a specific hypothesis derived from a specific theory
Which of the following is not true of a pie research is social psychology
It is more experimental than basic research
Which of the following has been shown to increase the accuracy of self-report
The bogus pipeline
Researchers have developed interval contingent signal contingent an event contingent report methods to
Reduce memory distortions in self-report measures
Self-report measures and observational measures are similar in that they both
Can be influenced by social desirability concerns
Which of the following is not mentioned in your book as a new technologies used by social psychologist anti obtaining observational data
Polygraph lie detector detector machine
A study that examines existing records or databases is referred to as a
Archival study
Your trail the editor of the popular sports magazine would like to know more about the demographics of the magazine read it he just asked a question near to access this information and send it to a random sample other magazines readers Latrail is conducting a
A survey
The primary goal of using correlational research is
Determine the nature and strength of the association between to measure variables
Random assignment is a defining feature of experiments it means
Whether participant are in one condition or another is determined at Random
An organized set of principles used to explain observe phonomena
Which of the following types of studies must be approved by the Institutional Review review board
Experiments using deception correlational studies and discriptive studies
Disclosure made to participate after research procedure are completed in which the researcher explain the purpose of the research is
In encouraging social psychologist to generate useful practical theories, Kurt Lewin
Urged the synthesis of basic and applied research
Social psychology is all of the following except
A compilation of anecdotal observations and case studies.
Social psychology is primarily concerned with the ways in which
Individual think, feel and behave with regard to others
Which of the following is a central part of the definition of social psychology
It assumes that thoughts and behavior are influenced by other people.
Sociology. To study behavior at the level, where as social psychology behavior at the Level
Group, individual
When comparing social psychology to sociology, a major difference is the
Focus on the individual the group
Which of the following is, true regarding social psychology and clinical psychology
Researchers in both fields might conduct studies investigating outcomes such anxiety or depression
Which of the following branches of psychology is most interested in the power of the situation
Social psychology
That interaction between individual charteristics and situational constraints on the way people behave best
Personality and social psychology
Social psychology research is a necessary and endeavors because our common sense intuitions
Often contradict each other
The field of social psychology emerged as a distant discipline around the end of the
19th century
Among the following social psychologist who was the original founders of social psychology
Norman Triplett
Founders of social psychology Norman Triplett and Max Ringle Mann both did research examining
The impact of the presence of others on performance
If a student want to find the first source that established social psychology as a separate field with an emphasis on experimentation he or she should probably read
Allport’ s (1924) text
According to your textbook one of the people who had a greatest impact on the developing field of social psychology was not a psychologist who was this person
Adolf Hitler
The role of natural selection processes in the development of social behavior is a concern in
Evolutionary psychology
Which of the following questions would be of most interest to social psychologist who study behavioral genetics
To what extent are attitudes inherited
Cross-cultural research regarding attitudes about this self indicate that
People from individual istic cultures are more likely than people from collectivist cultures to seek out information that makes them feel good about themselves
Of the following which best illustrates an interest in multi cultural psychology
Evaluating the behavior of two different racial groups within the same country