Psych Chpt 18

A new idea that integrates an original idea and its opposite is referred to as a(n):
A possible fifth stage of cognitive development that characterizes adult thinking is:
postformal thought
In an essay, Michelle begins by writing that knowing the truth sets people free. In her next paragraph, she opposes this idea with the idea that knowing the truth often involves learning about limitations and constraints on freedom. In her third paragraph, Michelle integrates these two perspectives. Michelle’s essay best demonstrates:
dialectical thinking
A common logical error of emerging adults is delay discounting, the tendency to:
undervalue events in the future
Grappling with personal and social problems during late adolescence and emerging adulthood using both emotion and logic demonstrates ______ thought.
According to Fowler’s religious stages, faith, like other aspects of cognition, progresses from a(n) ______ view of life to a(n) ______ view.
simple, self centered, one-sided; complex, unselfish
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Compared to formal operational thinking, postformal thought is characterized by:
Identify the characteristic of postformal thought.
understanding that one’s own perspective is one of many potentially valid views
The study in which adults were asked to suggest solutions to 15 real-life problems demonstrated that:
familiarity with situations enabled adults to be more flexible
Emerging adults usually exhibit more mature reasoning ability than adolescents when a topic is:
emotionally charged
Most emerging adults struggle with ______; however, adults gradually master it as their cognition matures
time management
Research has revealed that college education leads students to become:
more tolerant of differing religious and political views
An adolescent ______ is most likely to reason less maturely than a young adult.
debating whether teens should be allowed to drink