Psych. Chapter 2: Psych. as a Science

A given field of study is defined as a science by virtue of its:

A) subject matter
C) findings
D)scientific methods

D) scientific methods
Most psychologists today use a type of reasoning termed ________ reasoning.

A) theoretico-inductive
B) theoretico-deductive
C) hypothetico-inductive
D) hypothetico-deductive

D) hypothetico – deductive
Which approach to psychology advocated focus on observable behaviors only?

A) inductive reasoning
B) hypothetico-deductive
C) pseudopsychology
D) behaviorism

D) behaviorism
Which of the following is an example of pseudopsychology?

A) astrology
B) Gestalt
C) astronomy
D) Maharishi

A) astrology
A researcher observed the eating patterns of laboratory rats while manipulating the amount of sleep they received during a week-long study. In this example, what type of variable is “sleep”?

A) dependent
B) independent
C) extraneous
D) observable

B) independent
Which of the following is not a descriptive research method?

A) survey
B) naturalistic observation
C) experiment
D) case study

C) experiment
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What method do psychologists use to analyze study data?

A) logic
B) deduction
C) induction
D) statistics

D) statistics
Which of the following statistical procedures can be used to determine to what degree participants’ scores within a group vary?

A) standard deviation
B) analysis of variance
C) mean
D) t-test

A) standard deviation
Which of the following incidents involved African American men who tested positive for syphilis purposefully not being treated so a control group of men who did not receive treatment could be formed by researchers?

A) Tuskegee
B) Lawrence
C) Oahu
D) Monroe

A) Tuskegee
Which of the following sequences best reflects the order of events in a typical experimental session?

A) informed consent –> debriefing –> experiment
B) informed consent –> experiment –> debriefing
C) debriefing –> experiment –> informed consent
D) debriefing –> informed consent –> experiment

informed consent –> experiment –> debriefing
The natural law of _____ suggests that when something is set in motion, it has an effect on other things.
cause and effect
Ideas that psychologists develop about the laws that govern processes and behavior are called .
The field of ______ is often credited with shifting psychology from a philosophy to a science.
Forced sterilization and controlled breeding are two consequences of
A subset of a population is known as a(n)
The research methodology that asks participants to answer a series of questions is called a(n)
Analyzing data through the use of _______ allows researchers to describe and measure relationships between variables.
Researchers are able to conclude more broadly from their results through the use of ______ statistics.
Before a researcher can test his/her hypotheses by collecting data, a(n) ____ must provide ethical oversight.
institutional review board
Protecting the identity and information collected from individual respondents in a research study refers to maintaining ______.