Psych ch 9

clinical supervison
a mentoring relationship which is increase in autonomy and responsiility
a written or stated agreement between patient and caregiver
tendency of the nurse, therapists, social worker to displace onto patient feelings
ability of ones person to get inside another world and see things from the others person perspective
self awareness of one feeling as they arise within the nurse patient relationship and ability to communicate
orientation phase
phase of the nurse patient relationship in which the nurse and patient meet and the nurse conducts the intial interveiw
a relationship characterized by trust support and understanding
social relationships
a relationship that primarily initiated for the purpose of friendship socoialization enjoyment
termination phase
final intergral phase of nursing patient relationship
therapeutic encounter
brief informal meeting between nurse and patient in which relationship nurse maximize communication skills understanding human behaviors
therapeutic relationship
relationship nurse maximize communication skill understanding human behaviors
therapeuitic use of self
creative use of unique personality traits and talents to form a positive bonds with others
experience of thoughts and feelings toward a person
abstract standards that represent an ideal either positive or negative
working phase
the phase of the nurse patient relationship during which nurse and patient identify and explore areas that are causing problems in patient life
three phases of nursing patient relationships
intimate, social or therapeutic
the nurse would not adopt which of the following goals when attempting to establish a therapeutic nurse – client relationship
providing the client with opportunities to socialize
a technique that is acceptable in a social relationship but not acceptable in a therapeutic relationship is
giving advice
a synonym for genuineness is
the phase of the nurse client relationship that may cause anzieties to reappear and past losses to be reviewed is the
the nurse says “i find myself always thinking that mr. x is really a lowlife. based on the way he treated his wife and children.” these thoughts will prevent this nurse from
giving the client a positive regard
to help a client develop his resources the nurse must first be aware of
the clients strngths
one possible source of boundary violations is
meeting the nurse needs
in the process of trying new values which step shows the highest commitment to the value
consistently acting in ways that repeatedly affirm the value
during the stage of the therapeutic nurse client relationship is a formal or informal contract between the nurse and client established
the primary difference between a social and therapeutic relationship is the
type of information exchanged
a client states “nurse x seems as though she is hiding behind her uniform” the nurse hearing this would assess nurse x as
not seeming genuine the client
the pre-orientation phase of the nurse client relationship in characterized by a focus on
the nurse self analysis of strength, limitations and feelings
the orientation phase of the nurse client relationship focuses on
the nurse and client identifying client needs
client reactions of intense hostility or feelings of strong affection toward the nurse are common forms of
the outcome of the nurses expressions of sympathy instead of empathy towards the client often leads to
decreased client communications
the use of empathy and support begins in the stage of the nurse client relationship termed the
orientation stage
a client is complaining about her mother in law intrusiveness. the nurse responds “i know how you feel. my mother in law is nosy too” the nurse is most likely
experiencing countertransference
the nurse notes that she is finding it difficult to provide structure and set limits for a client. she finds herself thinking “what harm will it do if i cut him a little slack? the nurse should evaluate her feelings and and actions to assess for
boundary blurring

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