Psych 11&12

Gender is to ___________ as sex is to __________.
psychosocial; biological
In a particular society, men are expected to provide protection and monetary support, whereas women are expected to tend to the home and children. What are these expectations describing for females and males in the society?
Gender roles
The psychological experience of being female or male is called one’s:
gender identity
Regarding the development of gender identity, which of the following statements is TRUE?
Most scientists believe that gender identity involves a complex interaction between nature and nurture.
The fact that individuals born with ambiguous genital structures develop a gender identity consistent with the way in which they are raised (regardless of genetic sex) suggests that:
gender identity is not completely biologically determined.
Edward has a transgender identity, which means that:
his sex and gender identity are in conflict.
Renee feels that she is “a man trapped in a woman’s body.” Despite a genetic makeup of XY and female genitalia, Renee has a male gender identity. Renee’s experience is best described by:
Fixed, conventional views regarding masculinity and femininity are referred to as:
gender-role stereotypes
Which type of aggression, if any, are females more likely than males to display?
Relational aggression
Regarding the possible relationship between testosterone levels and aggression, which of the following statements is TRUE?
Higher testosterone levels are associated with higher levels of aggression in both women and men.
Psychological androgyny is best described as having:
high levels of both feminine and masculine characteristics.
Regarding math ability, which of the following statements is correct?
The traditional male advantage is getting smaller.
The leadership style of women tends to be more __________, and the leadership style of men tends to be more __________.
democratic; autocratic
College students were asked to check how often reasons for having sex (from a list of 200) actually led them to have intercourse. The one reason endorsed by women most often was ________, and the one reason endorsed by men most often was ________.
“I was attracted to the person”; “I was attracted to the person”
If Jessica and Nick are like the average American married couple, approximately how often do they have sexual relations?
About once a week
Identify the order in which the phases of the sexual response cycle occur.
Excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution
**The only sexual organ devoted solely to sexual pleasure is the:
During the sexual response cycle, a refractory period is a time when:
men are unable to achieve another orgasm.
Regarding sexual orientation, which of the following statements is TRUE?
Most studies fail to find any difference in circulating sex hormones in adult gay males and lesbians as compared with their heterosexual counterparts.
Harrison heard many things from his friends concerning sexual orientation. Most were myths, but one thing that was TRUE was that:
homosexuality is not mostly about sex, but about patterns of sexual attraction.
Paraphilia is a(n):
disorder involving a deviant pattern of sexual attraction.
**Which of the following is NOT a paraphilia?
Among paraphilias, __________ is to show as __________ is to watch.
exhibitionism; voyeurism
Among paraphilias, experiencing pain is to __________ as inflicting pain is to __________.
masochism; sadism
The most common type of sexual dysfunction among males is:
premature ejaculation.
I don’t necessarily have a social opinion of how sexual orientation is acquired, people can do what they want. However, I think the biological and sociocultural theories are the most accurate. Complications happen prenatally, (even if they’re not wrong) and an abnormal combination of certain genes may control a persons sexual orientation, I really don’t know. the sociocultural, social cognitive and gender-schema theories are all pretty much in the same boat. Whatever the culture you’re born into shapes how you view your own sexuality and that of others. I do agree that sexual orientation is a combination of nature and nurture.
Health psychology is the study of the interrelationships between:
psychological factors and physical health.
In psychology, stress is generally defined as:
pressures or demands placed on an organism to adjust or adapt to its environment
Distress is an ________ state that may take the form of ________ problems.
nternal; psychological or physical
According to a survey by the APA reported in your text, what percentage of adult Americans suffer adverse health effects due to stress?
All but which of the following could be considered hassles?
Flunking a class
There are five receptionists working in the Dr. Feld’s office. Which of the following describes one who appears to suffer from chronic stress?
Carmen, whose son has autism and who always appears exhausted at work
Which of the following definitions best describes frustration?
A negative emotional state that results when efforts to pursue a goal are blocked
Generalizing from the College Life Stress Inventory, which college student is predicted to be experiencing the highest amount of stress?
Erin, who has just contracted genital herpes
Which type of conflict is generally considered the LEAST stressful?
Emilio arrives at the movie theater planning to see a new thriller. When he gets there, he is surprised to see that a new comedy that he has wanted to see is also playing. Which of the following best describes the type of conflict he is experiencing?
After being raped, Clarita develops a psychological disorder. Her symptoms include impaired functioning, heightened arousal, and nightmares of the rape. Based on this description, what is Clarita’s disorder most likely to be?
Posttraumatic stress disorder
At the company picnic, you could easily tell which employee exhibits a Type A behavior pattern; she was the one who:
insisted that the potato sack race be repeated because her partner didn’t hear the word “go.”
**Which of the following is the correct order of stages in the general adaptation syndrome?
Alarm, resistance, exhaustion
**Which part of the brain coordinates the endocrine’s system response to stress?
Each of the following are considered psychological moderators of stress EXCEPT:
type behavior pattern
Which of the following best describes the role of social support in coping with stress?
It has primarily positive effects in coping with stress.
**People with an external locus of control are best described as ________ at coping with stress because they believe ________.
poorer; there is nothing they can do about it
Paul has just failed a psychology midterm. If Paul is high in psychological hardiness, his response to the failure is likeliest to be which of the following?
“This course is a real challenge. I’m going to work twice as hard and prove to myself that I can master this stuff.”
According to data presented in your text, which factor(s) contributes to the highest number of deaths annually in the United States?
Tobacco use
Five friends have decided to quit smoking. Which one is going about it the BEST way?
Rose, who told her friends she will no longer hang out with them in the “smoking area” outside their workplace.
The actions of which stress hormone help explain increased stickiness of blood clotting factors which, in turn, heightens the risk of heart attack and stroke?
As discussed in the text, hostility is linked to increased risk of coronary heart disease because:
hostile people are frequently angry, and chronic anger increases the risk of hypertension and coronary heart disease.
Which healthy habit does your text specifically recommend for the management of peptic ulcers?
Keep stress at tolerable levels.
Who, of the following women, appears to be handling stress in the most effective manner?
Gabrielle, who keeps a journal where she writes down disturbing thoughts.
Joan is a teacher who also helps provide care for her aging parents. Lately, Joan has been feeling apathetic toward her job. In addition, she has been having more headaches and difficulty sleeping. Joan’s condition is best described as:
The most prevalent stressors I face would be my busted foot, school, finances, relationship problems and conflict with my parents and my way of life. Five psychological moderators would be social interaction which I use, self efficacy believing in myself to accomplish what I must. optimism, one I don’t have, forming a internal locus of control; however I do try to be ready to Predict future stress and having a response in mind.