psyc 319 ch 6

darwin theory of evolution brigade the mental functioning between animals and humans T/F
functionalist ask question like ” what is the function of consciousness” T/F
functionalism was replaced by structuralism T/F
functionalism was the end of searching for the “elements of consciousness” T/F
the mechanism for the theory of evolution is artificial selection T/F
which of the following statements best summarizes the protest of functional psychology against wundt and titchner
Functional psychology claimed that Wundt’s and Titchener’s approaches were too restrictive because they did not study the practical value of mental processes.
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— a predecessor of Darwin, speculated that all mammals had evolved from a single silent and given movement by god
Erasmus Darwin
the most important consequence of functionalism was ….
the development of applied psychology
a consequence of darwin’s work for psychology was….
focus on individual differences
in the original source material from his autobiography, darwin described himself as…..
all of the choices are correct
today scientist are sometimes portrayed as offering science as a new religion or as being enemies of religion. This stance could be traced to….
in his book….., darwin emphasized the similarity between human and mental processes
the descent of man
the most fundamental point of darwin’s theses was the…
fact of variation among members of the species
in his journal Mind, Darwin describes….
developmental stages of his son in relation to human evolution
how many years did darwin wait to present his theory publicy
Wundt and titchner both considered individuals difference research to be inappropriate for psychology T/F
as a variable for men and women, height follows a normal curve distribution T/F
a suggestion of gallon’s mental inheritance was that brilliant men produce brilliant sons T/F
gallons anthropometric lab was free to the public T/F
“r” the symbol for correlation coefficient, is based on the “r” at the beginning of the word “recess” T/F
which of the following did Galton NOT endorse in the material from hereditary genius?
the idea of natural equality
the aim of the research at the anthropometric lab was to assess…
the collective mental resources of british people
the term mental test was coined by —- but —- originated this concept
Galton’s measures of intellectual functioning assumed correlation between intelligence and—-
acuteness of the senses
the early 20th century american government policy of sterilizing mentally retarded females is an exampled of…
Galton’s hereditary genius was mainly concerned with….
a statistical analysis of the the concept of eminent men producing eminent offspring
who was the first to show that biological and social data were normally distributed
Who wrote the 16th century book on individual differences and argued that children’s education should be individualized to recognize such differences?
the idea of measures clustering around the center or average of a distribution should be attributed to—
galton proposed that measurement of human traits could be defined and summarized by two numbers, which are…
the mean and standard deviation
C. Lloyd Morgan proposed the “law of parsley” T/F
romanes wrote the book on animal intelligence T/F
decrates and darwin were in complete agreement about the similarity between animals and humans T/F
animal psychology got a big boost from darwin theory of evolution T/F
Galtons association of ideas refers to the thoughts and memories elicited by things we notice in the environment T/F
according to darwin, human emotional expressions reflect…..
the inheritance of animal responses that may not be adaptive for humans
the first person to engage in large studies of experimental comparative psychology was….
galton studied paranoid disorders by—
imaging that every person or thing he saw was spying on him
the first systematic study of animal intelligence was by
According to— animals have no should and thus are automata
the first experimental attempt to study word associations was by—
the intent of lloyd morgans cannon was to—
make comparative psychology more scientific
whenever we think “we know whats on someones mind
we are using which technique?
introspection by analogy
galton found that substantial proportion of word associations were evidence of—-
the effects of childhood experiences on the adult
which of the following are influenced by gallons work?
all of the above