PSYC 2314 Chapter 12 Quiz

According to the concept of androgyny shift,
during midlife people begin to adopt some the gender traits associated with the opposite sex
Which of the following is true regarding children’s knowledge of sex and reproduction
Children’s level of understanding is linked to their cognitive development
Regarding sexuality during old age
sexual activity is most common when a person is married (versus divorced)
“agency” is defined as the
central aspect of the masculine gender role
Which is true regarding common gender stereotypes
there is consistent research support for the fact that males are more aggressive than females
with regard to children’s views of gender stereotypes, research has indicated that
5 year olds are more upset by violations of gender role stereotypes than are 9 year olds
Gender intensification appears to be driven by
hormonal changes at puberty and peer pressure to conform to gender roles
while charlotte is growing up she is socialized into believing that a woman should stay home and take care of the children while men go off to work and bring home the bacon. this message best reflects what your text refers to as a
gender role norm
according to psychoanalytic theory gender role development occurs primarily as a result of
children patterning themselves after their same sex parents
which would best fit with the theory that differential treatment by parents negatively influences math skills in the child through the creation of self fulfilling prophecy
parents attribute their daughter’s math success to hard work not skill and the daughter becomes convinced that she is no good at math
RuPaul has just come to realize that when a boy dresses like a girl they do not actually become a girl. In cognitive developmental theory, RuPaul appears to have just acquired
gender consistency
what can we conclude about psychological differences between the sexes
males females are far more similar than different
the social role hypothesis predicts that
gender differences vary from culture to culture depending on the roles men and women hold in each society
the basic premise of gender schema theory is that children actively seek objects and or activities that
match their own sex schemata
when discussing sex with his buddies, her, says “the key is to understand that normal guys want and need sex, whereas girls who want sex are immoral and corrupt” Hef’s comments best exemplify the concept of
the double standard