Psi Chapter History

Claude Bernhard Dansby
Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays
William Jefferson White Blocker, Sr.
Dr. Hiram Henry Gibbs
Claude Bernhard Dansby
Known as Poppa Dansby
From Georgia
13 Ψ 1922, Morehouse class of 1922
Morehouse College, Chair of Mathematics
Walked across 2 Georgia counties to get on the train to Morehouse.
Stayed at Morehouse 52 yeas . 8 as a student 44 as a Professor
Often went the extra mile to make sure students understood their work, as well as were financially stable
Dr. Benjamin Elijah Mays
6th President of Morehouse College
Created the Morehouse Mystique
From Orangeburg, South Carolina
Entered Omega through Boston’s’ Gamma Chapter in 1919
Graduated Undergrad from Bates College, Maine
Mays was recruited by John Hope to become a teacher of mathematics at Morehouse College
Coached the Debate Team & Taught More than math
Pastor at Shiloh Baptist Church
Omega’s “Outstanding Citizen of the Year Award” recipient in 1954.
Mentored Dr. Martin Luther King JR
Dr. Mays was the first African American president of the Atlanta Board of Education
Wrote 9 Books
William Jefferson White Blocker, Sr.
Grandson of Morehouse’s founder : William Jefferson White
Entered Omega at H (Eta) in 1919
After graduating from Morehouse HE began to sell life insurance
Masters of Divinity from Howard University
served as pastor for the Seventeenth Street Baptist Church in Washington D.C
Fought against President John Hope ( to establish fraternities on campus) and WON
Dr. Hiram Henry Gibbs
Attended the Morehouse Academy 1914-1918
Managed the Colleges Basketball team 2 years after getting out the of the academy.
Went to Howard in 1920 to pursue pharmacology=(biological effect of drugs to the body)
through school he was a train car porter
Received his PHD from Howard June 1924
Building on Campus Named after omega men
Walter E Massey
Benjamin Elijah Mays
Claude Bernard Dansby
Walter Chivers
John Hopps Hall
Nabritt-Mapp Mcbay(Alpha)
B.R. Brazeal
Samuel Archer
Thomas Kilgore
William Jefferson White Blocker , Sr
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Morehouse College Presidents
Samuel H. Archer (1931-1937) 5th Pres
Benjamin Elijah Mays (1940-1967) 6th Pres
Walter E. Massey (1995-2007) MHC Grad 1958 9th Pres
F.A.T.A.L. 14 (Fall 2013)
Artese Conoley
Dorian Kandi
Victor Mitchell
Charles Flowers
Winston Bodrick
Zachary Prince
Osaze Jones
Logan Battle
Donald McGill
Leroy White
Daniel West
Lester Houge
Matthew Kelly
Jackson Canon
A.W.O.L. 13 (Spring 2012)
Primous Howard
Hakeem Atwater
Terrence White
Lucien Kidd
Adewalde Adekoya
Russell Short
Demetric Johnson
Vincent Berry
Malcom Clyborn
Christopher Wade
Jero-son Williams
Nathaniel Gouldborne
Morse Merriweather
S.H.A.D.Y. 10 (Spring 2011)
Darrel Crawford
Tyee Davie
Oberon Silue
Ian Moore
Chris Boykins
Matthew Moore
Lamar Lesur
Nicholas Hines
Richard Corley
Myles Moody
D.A.N.G.E.R. “US” 18 (Spring 2010)
Darnell Shelton
Edward Mcrae
Christian Newsome
Devin Shaw
Ronald Vanpelt
Mitchell Rogers
Michael Payne
Michael Freeland
Derwin Gray
Mark Anthony Montgomery
Terrence Smalls
Darren Jackson
Malcolm Bond
Kenneth Jeffers
Nathaniel Tatum
Joshua Smith
William Tisdale
Vallmer Jordan
D.U.R.T.E.E. 12 (Spring 2009)
Issac Taggard
Xavier Ifill
Darrel Comer
Alan Smith
Jeremy Dixon
Alexander Jacke
Jonathan Moore
Derrick Haynes
Julius Pryor
Andrew Anderson
Blair Alexander
Orson Burton
A.S.A.P. 25 (Spring 2008)
Dontavious Mobley
Jared Hunt
Gregory Adams
Theodore Johnson
Gregory Keel
Adam McFarland
Brendan Hudson
Brandon Lawrence
Jerome Singleton
Steven Jeter
Nashad Carrington
Artesius Miller
Calvin Nash
Christopher Copeland
Kyle Kenan
Jared Green
Willie Peters
Alexander DLeon
Marcus Blackwell
Mikhal Wright
Joseph Hines
Michael Witherspoon
Jarell Alexander
Ronald Allen
Ramon Harewood
M.A.S.S.A.C.R.E. 5 (Spring 2005)
Charles Blanton
Adam Williams
Eric Thornton
Kyle Yeldell
Christopher Hollins
Walter E. Massey Leadership Building
Former President of Morehouse College (9th)
Former Chairman of Bank of America
Current President of the Art Institute of Chicago
Morehouse class of 1954
Benjamin Elijah Mays Hall