Which form of representation is closest to direct democracy?
the delegate model
Which of the following statements is true?
People tend to hold their individual representative in higher regard than Congress as a whole.
Which British political theorist is most associated with the notion of the trustee style of representation?
Edmund Burke
Which form of representation would probably be most effective at ensuring that the long-term best interests of the whole country are reflected in government policy?
trustee representation
In a fast-moving international crisis where there is little time to act, which of these would probably be the best model of representation?
the trustee model
When does the Texas Legislature meet?
every other year for 140 days
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Who is arguably the most powerful official in the Texas Legislature?
the lieutenant governor
Because the Texas legislature has an unusual meeting schedule, what must happen for bills to have any chance of passage?
They must be introduced early in the legislative session.
What type of committee is charged with reconciling the differences between two versions of the same bill?
conference committees
Who is elected by all the voters of Texas?
the lieutenant governor
What sort of powers do you have to block the bill?
All of these options are correct.
What sort of powers do you have to advance the bill?
All of these options are correct.
Based on the numbers listed in Table 1, which spending policy or policies are you most likely to avoid cutting?
Social Security
Based on the numbers listed in Table 1, which spending policy or policies are you most likely to cut?
aid to the poor
For the sake of argument, let’s say that your constituents oppose tax increases on the rich. Nevertheless, you support these tax increases because you think it is in the best interests of the nation. From which model of representation does this reasoning follow?
What does the author of this critical thinking essay assume about the president?
Presidents desire good policy, reelection, and historical relevance and seek to bolster achievement of these goals through the legislative process.
Which of the following factors is most important to the president’s success in Congress?
party makeup of Congress
Why did a lack of public support not undermine the president’s health care legislation?
The president had enough Democratic support in both houses of Congress
How does the president’s and Congress’s actions on health care reform illustrate the concept of the trustee model of representation?
The president and Congress acted in what they saw was the public’s best interest, even without clear public support for the health care reform law.
Based on the information provided in this case study, how many House Democrats voted against the Affordable Care Act?
Why do you think Democrats were not united in support of the Affordable Care Act?
some conservative Democrats faced opposition from conservative voters at home.
What does the lack of unified Democratic Party support for the president’s health care reform bill say about the role of parties in the president’s legislative success?
Party is an important predictor of the president’s legislative success, but not all members of the president’s party are guaranteed to vote with the president.
Based on this case study, which of the following statements accurately characterizes the legislative process?
All of these options are correct.
Where in the U.S. Constitution can we find a description of most powers related to the presidency?
Article II
Based on the foregoing discussion as well as the text of the U.S. Constitution, who has the power to declare war?
Which of the following is an example of presidential persuasion?
The president meets with House and Senate leaders to convince them to pursue his policy agenda.
Which of the following is an example of presidential strategy?
The president pursues an ambitious legislative agenda because he has high approval ratings.
Presidents have become the center of U.S. government due to which of the following?
their success persuading others that they have the power to act
What is the problem of the plural executive in the modern White House?
Multiple advisers, especially at high levels, may make it difficult to hold anyone accountable when the White House makes mistakes
Which of the following tasks would be handled by an advisor located in the White House Office (WHO)?
providing evidence for why the president should make speeches related to immigration reform in El Paso, TX; Tucson, AZ; and San Diego, CA
Why are White House advisors so important to the presidency?
White House advisors primarily allow the president to handle more tasks and responsibilities than he could without them.
As implied by this essay, what is likely to happen if the White House organization is functioning properly?
White House staff members represent the president’s views accurately and thus serve as a direct extension of the president’s own views.