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Proud to Be Me

Danae Fuller [Company Name] Proud To Be Me! Staring in the mirror I can’t begin to tell you how, The things I saw when I was young don’t even faze me now. When yet girls, to all my friends, see we were all the same, Until I heard that girls like me were given different names.

At first I didn’t like the thought of being called “black” I took offense to something dark I didn’t like that I was marked Along the way began a sparkThere goes the question mark.

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I love the fact that I’m unique My darker skin and curved physique I love the fact that I am black cause black is simply me. I don’t resemble every girl on ads and TV screens, The things I eat, may not be your favorite style cuisine. Perhaps the way I treat my hair is not your own routine, And maybe we don’t need the same amounts of strong sunscreen I love the fact that I am black cause black is simply me.Thinking back I have to say, I’m proud of those before, Fighting till the tide of freedom washed up on the shore. Taking strides towards victory accomplishing much more, Than people could’ve thought but now Sir Justice won the war. I love the fact that I am black cause black is simply me So now I’ve no reason to question reflection, I know who I am I accept my imperfections.

I’m proud of the difference in my own complexion, I have no complaints, no change, no objections.